Into the Abyss of Our Universe

�� ���� Here we are, on this website, in our rooms, in towns, in countries, floating on oceans on our little planet, living in our galaxy, in the Universe, with approximately 100 billion more planets just in the Milky Way. And you're telling me that Earth is the only planet with living creatures? My mind has been filled with unanswered questions for years as well as conspiracy theories, that could make your mind blow! So here's me sharing them! ������


4. ⭐ The Colour of Mirrors ⭐

What colours are mirrors?


Now you might say silver because most mirrors are made of out materials that we associate to the colour silver like aluminium but obviously, when you put different coloured things in front of a mirror, it will show that colour. Just stating the obvious here.


But that just means that mirrors are reflecting white light, right? White light contains all colours after all.


However, if you put a mirror in front of a mirror, you would be able to see a tunnel of mirrors. The intensity of light starts to decrease and you eventually see a more greener colour at the end of the tunnel. A lot of people say that mirrors are actually smart kinds of white.


I know this is an extremely short chapter but what do you think?

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