Into the Abyss of Our Universe

�� ���� Here we are, on this website, in our rooms, in towns, in countries, floating on oceans on our little planet, living in our galaxy, in the Universe, with approximately 100 billion more planets just in the Milky Way. And you're telling me that Earth is the only planet with living creatures? My mind has been filled with unanswered questions for years as well as conspiracy theories, that could make your mind blow! So here's me sharing them! ������


2. ⭐ Alien Life ⭐

"We will find aliens in the next two decades. Meeting ET isn't so far off, I can bet my coffee on that."

~ Seth Shostak (Astronomer)


We are only aware of 4% of our universe. That's actually quite a lot considering the Universe is like, if you didn't know, HUGE! In fact, I'm not too sure how they figured out that we have discovered 4% when the Universe is always expanding but they're scientists so they sound like they know their shit.


There are at least one hundred billion galaxies in the observable universe. One. Hundred. BILLION! There's also an estimated a hundred billion planets just in OUR galaxy.

Can you even believe for a second if someone told you that our planet, one in one-hundred-billion was the only planet with life on?

I couldn't.


In fact, our galaxy could be seen as a tiny little dot in comparison to other galaxies like IC 1011. I know, we got the name Milky Way and they got IC 1011. Well, the strangely named galaxy, IC 1011, is about 6,000,000 light years wide! And WE are insignificant dots in comparison.

AGAIN, do not tell me that there is no hope of life other than on Earth!


I wrote this a while ago and it was about how the universe is always expanding. But imagine an ant in a classroom. It wouldn't be able to pinpoint the centre of the room because of how small it is. That's exactly our case with the universe. We're just too small. But what if there is something bigger, like we are to this poor lost ant. Something that is so big, that it can locate the centre of the universe.

I mean do germs know that we exist? We could be the germs to these enormous creatures, living in their own universe, they're trying to locate the centre of.

Just imagine.


Tons of people have claimed to have had alien experiences and UFO sightings.

What do you think?

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