Bad Company

three friends. one in a straitjacket. one in a cage. one stunned into a catatonic state. it's just a matter of time before they wake up fully, and when they do...well....


7. pandora


Pandora listened to the drone of a machine somewhere and saw a crane lifting a huge shipping container. Her short jacket in with the two green slashes and her long lace-up boots made her stick out from the rest of the group. She was surrounded by security and Doctor Jools watched from a removed location as she stood behind the man in army fatigues carrying a large pair of box cutters. The chain around the doors of the container swung open and the bare darkness echoed with a deep, chilling groan of something animal. 

Cages. Tens of them. They were wheeled out, all covered in dark sheeting with secure locks. A short woman with brunette hair looked at her with a glint in her eye. 

"I'm sorry, Miss...? What's your authority here?" she asked with mildly veiled aggression. Pandora looked at her with disdain. She had confidence because of the people behind her who were supporting her. The woman who was talking only had a clipboard for defence. 

"Pandora....Klizsmann Biotech, and you are?" she said it with extreme prejudice and smiled thinly afterwards. The woman glowered at her a bit more and behind Pandora, a man who she only knew as Henry cleared his throat. 

"Miss Pandora has special rights to inspect the cargo, stand aside," he told her. The woman tried to stamp a bit more authority on the situation but she soon stepped away. 

The first cage was opened and Pandora mentally reeled at the sight. There was a large beast in front of her. Coal black with tensed haunches and massive teeth. It was strangely docile though and nuzzled her hand gently. She felt the scrape of its teeth on her palm. 

The rest were the same but all had different colours. Green fur. Red fur. Silver fur. Feline eyes but ultimately they all had a sense of deference towards her. 

This was batch 1 of the Klizsmann Biotech Animal Programme. Pandora smiled at Henry and he made a call. After a time smoking in the cold, a silver truck with LED lights arrived. It swallowed all the cages and moved off. 

Pandora left the dismal port. She knew she was still being tested. She was an instrument of manipulation on the people. They'd use her and make her do things to other people that would make her powerful to the extreme but it left a bitter taste in her mouth. 

She had been rude to the woman at the port and nobody batted an eyelid. The woman had seen Henry's rifle and decided that she wasn't going to have trouble with the KZB company. 

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