Bad Company

three friends. one in a straitjacket. one in a cage. one stunned into a catatonic state. it's just a matter of time before they wake up fully, and when they do...well....


3. cage


Pandora looked at the featureless walls around her and the silent press of the curved walls and ceiling made her brain cry out. She was stuck in a microcosm which consisted of herself and a wooden bench which held her up. Her arms and legs were gripped in a dead pain that made her legs heavy and her arms leaden. A slender tear, a mini waterfall slid down her curved cheekbones and she tasted salt. 

Her metal domain moved with a persistent grinding. Someone was controlling her progress. She shut her eyes and took comfort in the knowledge that if she couldn't see them then they couldn't see her. She put her hands between her legs and looked at the floor. It was clean. Too clean. 

There was a jolt and her knees knocked together in protest. She winced and breathed. White light assaulted her eyes and bore into her mind. 

It was abruptly dark and the cage went on still. 

The sudden white light was painful again. But the loud noise like a thousand winds in a thousand storms made Pandora's eyes leak uncontrollably and her ears ring in pain. She placed her hands over her studded ears and took a large breath. 

Pandora screamed. It was a rasping sound borne of frustration, fear and complete panic. Nobody would hear it. Nobody would care. Pandora's mind buzzed at her and her voice was beginning to die in her throat. Whoever was controlling the cage decided to stop its progress and the landscape still hadn't changed. 

Plain. White. Empty. 

Pandora stood and out of a sense of no co-ordination she gripped the bars of her cage. She flinched faster than a gunshot as an electric charge charged into her skin. She fell and didn't rise again. 

The cage continued moving, slowly. The noise died and the lights went out. A large sign was overhead and as her cage went under it, it creaked slowly. 

It said: Welcome To Maison De Reve. 

The Dream House had welcomed its first guest. 

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