Bad Company

three friends. one in a straitjacket. one in a cage. one stunned into a catatonic state. it's just a matter of time before they wake up fully, and when they do...well....


1. begin



Increasingly, we live in a world where nothing makes sense.

Events come and go like the waves of a thousand fevers.

We rely on those in positions of power to tell us the truth

but the 'truth' that we are given always sounds hollow

and unconvincing.

This is has led our society to become dangerous and destructive

to those around us. 


This is a story about just one of these events, amongst thousands which seems

to us to be incongruous and confusing. It is a story viewed through the prism

of three young people, who have experienced the darkness 

and hateful intensity of a society which firstly, fails to understand them

and then proceeds to refuse to understand them. 

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