Stay strong

14 year old Carley and her5 year old brother have lost their mother in a DUI accident caused by her. Now the kids are stuck with their abusive father, and the kids have no one to help them.


6. the hospital

I wake up to this bright light and Annoying beeping noise. I automatically realize that I'm in the hospital. I attempt to sit up straight but a wave of pain shots through my body. I involuntary let out a yelp of pain. Automatically a nurse is by my side. She helps me up and ask me a bunch of questions like "where does it hurt?" And "from a scale from 1 to 10". " What happened?" I interrupt her. She starts to say something but a man in a suit interrupts her. " There was a call that someone herd screams coming from your house". So someone did hear. " We found you o. The ground unconscious, we have your father in custody, we are the investigators and would like to ask you some questions." I just stared at the men in the room. I didn't know what to say, they have my father in custody?!? Then reality slaps me in the face, I remember the beer bottle, the pain, the disgusting words that were said. I remember all of it. Now I wish I hadn't. I look up at the men, their mouths were moving but no sound came out. So I just stared, they waited for a response. Then the nurse sets her hand on my shoulder and says "I think you should come back another time, when she's better." And she shows them the door. When the men leave I whisper a thank you. " No problem honey, those men are so inconsiderate, just barging and demanding answers. Now how about some soup?" " No thank you I'm not really hungry." Which was a lie but I did t feel like eating. " Honey you haven't eaten a whole day?" "What?! What day is it??!" "It's Tuesday, honey calm down your gonna hurt yourself, calm down!" I yank the tubes out which I automatically regret, another wave of pain assaults my body. But I push through it and run out the door. When I reach an elevator the men from the room are there. I quickly turn around, but it was to late they already saw me. They both grab my arms and to my surprise and complete horror they shove me into the elevator and before I know it I'm in a car with two men that just kidnapped me from a hospital.

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