Stay strong

14 year old Carley and her5 year old brother have lost their mother in a DUI accident caused by her. Now the kids are stuck with their abusive father, and the kids have no one to help them.


2. the funeral

I wake up to Ride, twenty one pilots, and the soft snore of Luca sleeping right next to me. He hasn't been able to sleep alone since mom died. But I can't baby him forever. I softly nudge him awake to get dressed, today I have to be super carful with because today is the funeral. As his sleepy eyes open up he murmurs " was it a dream?" He looks up at me with hopeful eyes which dim as I slowly shake my head and hug. God, so many times have I asked myself the same question. "Come on buddy, we have to get ready, ur clothes are on the dresser. Want me to help you?" I ask with a smile. "no I got it."

When we get downstairs I make us some eggs and bacon. When we finish eating I look up at the clock which reads 8:30, where supposed to be at the church by 9:00, where's Charlie?? I leave Luca watching spongebob and go up stairs to find a drunk Charlie laying in bed murmuring things to himself. When he finally notices me he calls me over. "How's my baby girl doing? You know your so strong about all of this, ur so grown up and beautiful." He brushed the hair out of my eyes and whispers "your even more beautiful than your mother." He starts to rub my thighs. I jerk away from him, this is not the father I knew, this is a broken man who is drowning his sorrows in liquor. "Hurry up and get dressed we have to be there by 9:00." I say sharply. I rush down stairs and sit next to Luca and sing along with him.

It's a good thing my aunt was able to pick us up, with the condition Charlie was in there might have been another accident. When we arrived at the chapel we were 10 minutes late, thanks to Charlie and his long ass showers, and to top it all off when we enter the chapel he starts laughing hysterically and yelling at the few people that cared to show up. But the worst part was the actual burial. He Reyes attacking one of the men that was lowering my mother into the ground. My aunt had to take us home early, I begged her to take Luca with her only till Charlie calms down. Now I have to stay in the house alone with him.

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