Stay strong

14 year old Carley and her5 year old brother have lost their mother in a DUI accident caused by her. Now the kids are stuck with their abusive father, and the kids have no one to help them.


4. plans

I'll have to start going back to school soon, which of course I'm regretting! All those stares and whispers that follow you around everywhere, but I would take that then home any day. Home just keep getting worse and worse. And more bad news, my aunt says that she can't keep my brother there any longer because her husband doesn't like Luca. So on Monday he'll have to come back. I don't know what to do!! I'm saving up for a bus ticket but that won't take us very far, and I want to make sure Charlie can never find us. I haven't told any of my friends or family, what would that do? My family doesn't give a shit about us, and they definitely don't want to get on Charlie's bad side. My friends would just come up with the same thing I came up with, which is running away. I'll figure it out some how.

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