Stay strong

14 year old Carley and her5 year old brother have lost their mother in a DUI accident caused by her. Now the kids are stuck with their abusive father, and the kids have no one to help them.


5. no longer my father

I'm being shaken awake. Charlie is on top of me whispering dirty things in my ear. "I can't believe how big your tits are for your age?!! Let daddy give them a squeeze. Hahahaha". Oh god let this be a dream let this be a dream, oh god oh god. But it isn't, because of course god doesn't give a damn about me if he let this go so far. I start screaming, and with all my might I bring up my knee and hit him so hard that he yelps and falls off the bed. I grab one of the beer bottles and whack him upside the head. He swings at me but he's so drunk he hits way off to the right. I run down the stairs with him at my heels. I trip on one of the stairs and land face first and slid down. He drags me the rest of the way and starts slapping me and kicking me and punching me. And I'm just screaming as loud as I can, why can't anyone hear me?!?! I look up at him, I don't even recognize him anymore. This man has a beard, while my father always had smooth skin. This man had red eyes that stared at me with hatred, while my father only had love in his eyes. This man was no longer my father. I just remember staring into those red beady eyes and then everything went black.

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