Who Will You Fall For?

Jess just moved to the Western Suburbs of Sydney, Australia. She had to escape the judgement and bullying of her former school. Jess is hoping this new start will help her battle her serious battle with anxiety and depression. When school starts, Jess meets Ashton, Michael, Calum, and Luke. She becomes best friends and starts hanging out with them on a daily. Ashton and Luke both fall in love with Jess, but can Jess decide who she feels for out of the four? And not to mention the threat of Michaels girlfriend....So who will it be Jess? Who will you fall for?



     Today I finished moving to my new apartment in the Western Suburbs of Sydney, Australia. My parents and little brother moved into the neighborhood not to far from my apartment building. My parents let me get my own place because they were getting tired of me bringing guys home and making a bunch of noise back in America, so they let me get my own place when we moved here. I agreed to stay in school till the end of the year. They said if bullying gets to be too much or I just don't feel like dealing with the teachers, I can talk to them and they can consider me dropping out. I'm in tenth grade which makes me sixteen years old. Its late July and school just ended in May in America, but the third term is going to start next week. We finished setting up my apartment, also. All ready for guys.

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