Stronger Than Me

Edward and Winry's son asks Ed about his past one night, causing the family to make a life-changing decision: their children want to study alchemy. Winry is a bit hesitant, but Ed thinks he could be a better Fullmetal than him.


2. Better Than Me

A/N: AAAAND here’s their daughter going off to study in Xing! Short and sweet, so I hope you enjoy!


Ed smiled as he watched his daughter packing a backpack, ready to join Ed’s son, Al, and May in Xing. She pushed her long yellow/blonde hair behind her ear, her eyes scanning through her room.

“Got everything?” Edward asked, leaning against the door frame.

The girl sighed, looking at him with a nervous smile. “I hope. I just can’t believe mom’s letting me go to Xing…”

“It took a lot of work on my part.” Ed laughed, crossing his arms. “I just knew I couldn’t let your opportunity go to waste.”

She gave him a grin, her blue eyes with flecks of gold in them giving off an amused glint. “And I will always be grateful.”

Ed let out a snort of laughter.

“Is she ready yet?” Winry called from outside the room.

“Yes! Coming mum!” the young girl cried, grabbing her backpack and rushing out of the room. Ed ruffled her hair on the way out, following her to the living room.

Winry covered her mouth with her hands, tears brimming in her eyes. “You two have gotten so big!”

The girl noticed her brother and Al sitting on the couch behind Winry. The girl’s eyes gleamed, as she dropped her stuff and ran over, tackling him in a hug. “Big Brother!”

Ed and Al laughed, exchanging amused glances.

“How’s Xing? Have you mastered the Purification Arts yet? How’s May Chang?” She cried, assaulting her brother with questions.

“How bout you find out for yourself?” he replied, flicking her in the forehead and causing her to let out a squeak of surprise.

Winry turned to Ed. “Thank you.”

Ed just grinned.

Their daughter waved as she left, onwards to a new land and a new life. Ed and Winry waved, calling out their goodbyes. He suddenly turned in surprise when he heard soft sniffles coming from his left. Winry had tears trailing down her cheeks. “Win…?”

“I’m fine, Ed.” She said, giving him a smile. “I just miss them.”

He smiled, hugging her. “They’ll be fine. They could change the world.”

“For the better?”

“For the better.”



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