Amelia- may's story isn't all that different from anyone else's. The word went to shit, and the dead don't want to die. She has lost people and so has everyone else. Who she was before isn't who she now but here is one difference between Amelia may and every other survivor she as come across. She does't know who she was.. and who she is? Well, she is still trying to figure that out.

During the mayhem of the beginning of the apocalypse, a fateful smack on the head stole her memory. All she has ever known is the world she is living in now but that doesn't means she's adept to surviving it, Eventually she ends up on deaths door until a man on a motorcycle chooses to save her life.

Amelia- may has to decide if who she was is worth fighting for or if she'll fight that comes with what's forgotten and strive for something better with the one man who can see past it all.


6. Not everything is what it seems

' Ameliaaaa...' She heard the child calling from the darkness, the voice a massive echo all around her. She was trying to ignore it. The child never wanted her to stay in the dark, where Amelia was safe and everything was peaceful. ' Amelia, I want to show you something! Come back!' The child urged, giggling afterward like she'd found the most entertaining thing. But Amelia couldn't move. She could feel herself floating around, toward a small blue light that only seemed to grow bigger and bigger the closer she got to it. 

' Wait...' She said, her voice echoing as loud as the child's. ' Stop, I don't want to go there!' she called out, a feeling of dread and fear enveloping her. The child giggled.

' Silly, Amelia. It's time!' and suddenly, the light exploded around her. 

She was in the woods. There were two tents but one was completely flattened, like someone had fallen on top of it. And just beyond it, two men were fighting. Young like her. One man was trying desperately to fight off the other, but was outmatched in both size and strength as the one on top of him began stabbing into his chest. Over and over, he kept stabbing and laughing. That was the worst part. The laughter, loud and terrible.

Amelia's head hurt, more than she'd ever thought it could. All she saw when she opened her eyes was the young an stabbing the other. His eyes were crazy, wide and wild. And his laughter sent a numbing fear throughout her body. She couldn't have said how she did it , where the strength to stand up came from or why she even moved toward the crazy person before her. But she did, and she knocked him over effortlessly, and wrestled the knife from his hand, kneeing him in the sternum before she slashed his throat open, blood pouring out in a sickening like ear to ear. His eyes... his eyes were still wide open and crazy.

The other man was long dead, his wounds hidden by the blood soaked into the folds of his sweater. Her hands were shaking, she backed away, stopping when her back hit a tree. It was like she was seeing it all for the very first time. She didn't know where she was , who they were.. who she was. And there was blood everywhere.

Blood streaming down the wound on her head, blood on her hands, blood on her arms. Just... so much blood.

" Not everything is what it seems." a child's voice said from beside her. Amelia looked down, her hands still shaking , to see a girl no older than ten. But she wasn't just any girl. She was a walker. Her eyes were gone, her flesh was sunken in and rotting, her hair was falling out in patches. Parts of her her shoulder were hollowed out, and arm was hanging in threads. and her blackened smile was missing teeth, a portion of her lip dropping. " Not everything is your fault." The girl said, and reached for Amelia. 

All she could do was scream.


She was still screaming when Denise tried to wake her up. Amelia was so out of it , she'd thrown Denise to the ground and wrapped her hands around the woman's throat, her glasses flying across the floor and her hands desperately clawing to try to get Amelia off. It took a full thirty seconds for Amelia to come to her senses. She backed off Denise so fast that she knocked over the small table next to her bed, flattening herself against the wall, eyes wide and horrified. She couldn't even mutter a simple 'sorry'. All she could do was sit there and squeeze her eyes shut, praying to God that someone would just put her out of her damn misery.

She heard voices. Rick, Denise, Michonne. They all tried talking to her but she just buried her face into her knees, and tried to will them away. Until she heard Daryl. His boots thudded into the hallway. She could hear him breathing, like he'd been running. She heard Rick tell him something, and Denise chimed in. Then everything was quiet, she wondered if she was imagining it.

Then she heard footsteps across the floor, and the sound of something being set on the bed. " Amelia..." his voice was so tentative, it almost hurt to hear. She could feel him crouching beside her, then the feel of his hand on her head, his fingers smoothing down her hair. " Hey.. look at me." Slowly, and without really knowing why, she lifted her head. " Hey, yer alright." Hi eyes were serious, and so gentle at the same time. 

She wasn't sure why she did it, or why he let her, but she pushed away from the wall and threw her arms around his neck. He went from crouching to sitting on the floor. He hesitated at fist, like he wasn't sure what he was supposed to do. But then she felt his arms , warm and strong wrap around her. His heart was thudding in his chest, she could feel it hammering away. Probably because he'd been running. It was about then she realized there were silent tears pouring down her cheeks. She buried her face into his shoulder, closing her eyes and desperately trying to get them to stop.

" I got ya." he said softly. She heard someone come up beside them. It must have been Rick because Daryl just motioned with one hand and said, " It's okay. Go on. I got this." And a moment later the door closed and there was just silence. Daryl didn't or try to pull her off or say anything more. He just held her and to say she was grateful was an understatement. because she knew, as soon as he let go, she had to leave. She couldn't stay , not after what just happened. She as an idiot to think she could give this a try, living a ' normal' life with a head like hers.

After a few minutes, he pried herself from him. Gently moving out of his drip and avoiding his eyes. She didn't want to see what was in them. She went back to the wall, wiping her face with her hands, pressing her back into the corner. He didn't move, just stayed there where he was sitting. 

" Denise told me what happened." he said, scooting back just enough to rest against the bed, his knees up and bent. His hands were hanging over them. " Said you had another nightmare, and you.... blacked out. Didn't know what you were doin." She could feel his eyes on her. " Amelia . Look at me." There was a sternness to his tone that made her flinch. She lifted her eyes, expecting to see anger but instead... there was nothing but compassion. " Ain't yer fault. You didn't do nothin wrong."  For a moment, she was silent. Then she let out a sob.

" I was choking her, Daryl." she said, her voice was strained, like she was trying to keep herself from crying again. "  I had my hands around her throat. I could have killed her!" she blurted out, then put her hands over her mouth, closing her eyes and shaking her head a little. When she let her hands fall, her voice was barely a whisper. " I can't do this... I can't stay here. I'm dangerous...." she pushed herself off the floor then, moving as quickly as she could to the closet where her few sets of clothes and her backpack were. 

She began yanking things off their hangers, wanting to be anywhere else but here. She felt him come up behind her, his hands gripping her forearms and pulling her backward. " Stop it!" he ordered, " Dammit, stop!" he spun her around, holding her still. There was an instinct in her that played in her mind that she could get out of his grip and beat him back. But she froze instead, swallowing , meeting his fiery gaze. " Yer not dangerous, shit. Stop." he slowly let her go, his hands gliding down her arms till they were no loner touching her. " Sit down. Talk to me. We'll figure this out." he urged her, taking a step back.

" They... they told you what I did. What i did to Denise. How can you say i'm not dangerous?" she demanded, anger flaring up where sorrow and fear had been before. Anger was good. Anger she could deal with. " That's what I do! I black out and bad things happen! I can't remem-" and she stopped mid-sentence, eyes going wide. " Oh my god." The sudden realization hit her that all off this had happened because she'd remembered something. She remembered how she'd lost her memory in the first place. " Daryl..." She said his name, just before she felt a wave of dizziness wash over her. The room suddenly began to spin, she was ridiculously and instantly light-headed. Her legs gave out beneath er. She felt Daryl grab hold of her just before she hit the floor, his voice calling her name. 


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