Amelia- may's story isn't all that different from anyone else's. The word went to shit, and the dead don't want to die. She has lost people and so has everyone else. Who she was before isn't who she now but here is one difference between Amelia may and every other survivor she as come across. She does't know who she was.. and who she is? Well, she is still trying to figure that out.

During the mayhem of the beginning of the apocalypse, a fateful smack on the head stole her memory. All she has ever known is the world she is living in now but that doesn't means she's adept to surviving it, Eventually she ends up on deaths door until a man on a motorcycle chooses to save her life.

Amelia- may has to decide if who she was is worth fighting for or if she'll fight that comes with what's forgotten and strive for something better with the one man who can see past it all.


14. I found paydirt. Sort of.

Amelia left Daryl in the living room, moving back into the kitchen which was just as ransacked as the rest of the house. Her quick look for walkers hadn't really offered her any time to look for anything that could help them but as she stepped on a shattered picture frame, lifting her foot to look at the image of a man pushing a little girl on a swing, she had to stop and just look around quietly, standing in one spot. 

She hadn't blacked out. She hadn't gone crazy violent when Daryl was shot and at first it didn't make such sense. With the help of the others and Daryl, she'd figured out her emotions and amnesia had a big part to play in all of it. Anger and fear could send her reeling before she knew it and she was angry , even now that Daryl had been shot. She was furious, actually but it was different.

It was anger and fear for someone else, which seemed to make a world of a difference and not just any someone else but Daryl. The one man who could see past all that was wrong with her and see her for who she could be.

She brought her hands up to her face realizing that they'd begun to shakes. She smoothed them over her skin, up into her hair, dragging through. Daryl had been right when he said whoever it was could have shot them while they were running through the field. It would have been easy but nothing happened.  She let her hands fall and began sifting through the debris in the kitchen. She moved from room to room, thinking the whole way. Their enemy's objective wasn't to kill them outright. It was to terrorize first, then kill. 

She didn't find much. Just an old rusted rifle and a few shot gun shells, neither one of which would do them any good at the moment. It wasn't till her foot kicked a box beneath a bed . Inside the box was grenades. " Shit." She said , a grin on her lips. She slipped them into a pillowcase, carefully along with the shot gun shells and a sewing kit she'd found. She found some real bandages after that. Gauze and an ace wrap. Then headed back to the living room, only to find that Daryl wasn't there. She froze. 

" Daryl..." She called out, her voice shaken, turning around to look for him only to collide with him as he turned the corner. They both fell over , Daryl landing on top of her with a kiss of pain, barely having enough time to catch himself so he wouldn't squish her. The pain in his leg was obviously bad because he arms shook and he had to lower his head to her shoulder, breathing heavily. Her arms instinctively grabbed his sides beneath his vest. " Oh god, I'm so sorry!" She muttered , waiting there beneath his weight. After a moment, he just lifted his head and rolled off of her, flattening herself onto his back and against the door frame between the living room and kitchen. 

" Shit."  He said, a head on his forehead. " You gotta stop hittin me." Amelia frowned at that, sitting up.

" I didn't hit-" She stopped when she saw him giving her an amused look. She couldn't help but smirk a little. " Jerk." She said, then reached for the pillowcase which she somehow managed not to drop. " I found paydirt. Sort of." She said , pulling out the contents one at a time till she came to the grenades. She held the pair out for him to see and he grinned at her. 

" Paydirt is right." He said, letting his hand fall on his stomach and then he attempted to sit up but she pushed him back down before setting the grenades on the pillow case. " Hey, lemmie up." He growled at her and she just shook her head at him.

" Stay down, you big baby. I found some things to fix your leg up better." She said, scooting toward his thigh and unwrapping the makeshift bandage. The bleeding had mostly stopped. " Where were you, anyway?" She asked, unwrapping the clean gauze she'd found. He slipped a hand beneath his head and sighed at her.

" First of all, 'm not a baby and second.. I had to piss." He said, his eyes watching her like she was the only thing in the room. She worked quickly at sewing his leg up and he took like a champ, gritting his teeth and managing only to swear a few times. Once she had the ace bandage securely in place, she sat back against the wall and just watched him. " Yer a butcher.." He muttered, letting his head slip completely to the floor. She chuckled a little, tossing a rag she'd used to clean her hands with aside.

" Like I said, big baby." She nudged his foot with her own then sighed. " He's terrorizing us. This is a game to him. He wants us scared, vulnerable.. hurt." She said, motioning to his leg. " He knows we're here and he's good with it. He's biding his time, before he really comes for us." She felt him frown at her. She didn't even have to look at him.

" Makes sense. I can't help but feel like all this is normal for me somehow. Like I've been through a similar  before." She picked up one of the grenades , turning it in her hands. " He thinks we lost all we had back in the depot and I highly doubt he plans on us having grenades." She looked up at Daryl with a smile. " I say we make a surprise or two. He's going to come for us and when he does.." She tossed the grenade at Daryl , who caught it without thinking, " He's going to end up missing a few parts. " 

Daryl smiled at her and the sight of it sent tingles all over her body. She couldn't help but to smile back.

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