The Life Of Frankie Stein

Hi! i'm Frankie and im the new ghoul in school you see my father is Frankenstein and i dont know my mom only 115 days old and im excited to meet new ghoul friends and learn about my scaratge . im starting the new school year at monster high where all monsters are welcome and can be themselves despite there freaky flaws. so join me on my journey through new adventures and misfortunes.


1. Chapter One : The new ghoul in school

 Hi ghouls I'm Frankie and I'm here to tell you the story of my move to monster high...lets begin with the first day of school



I hear my alarm go off so i reach over and shut it off and i get up to get ready for my  first day at my new school

"Frankie honey are you awake I'm making breakfast you dont wanna be late for your first day''  I hear my mom say from downstairs 

so i reply with a simple answer "yes mom I'll be down in a second let me get dressed"

i walk over to my closet and i grab my uniform like dress and throw it on and i grab my matching tie i like t wear and my heels to match and put them on i grab my icoffin and my bag and head downstairs to my mother and father if you haven't figured it out yet well my father is Frankenstein and well my mom i dont know my mom my dad remarried after i was created and well i call her mom shes not my mom though my dad pushes for me to have realtionship with her but i dont feel a connection...

"Frankie I know its hard to be starting at a new school but you'll be fine i promise." My father says walking to the kitchen table with a cup of coffee and sitting down 

'I know dad but its just what if they dont like me? i mean look me" i reply while grabbing a plate and sitting down and begin to eat

"Frankie you'll have a voltagous time i promise" my mother replies sweetly 

"Thanks mom"i say finishing up my breakfast and grabbing my bag im gonna be late i have to go guys love you 

*runs out the door and heads down the road to the new school*

jeez i hope the like me i mean im a voltageous girl and im very curious i don't know maybe im just sikeing myself out *sighs and checks her phone* SHIT! I need to hurry up and get to school or im gonna be late! * starts running and bumps into someone* 

"OH MY GOD I am so sorry i didn't mean to bump into you here let me help you" i say stuttering as the person turns around 

"Oh thats ok i should pay attention more im sorry its my fault hey i havent seen you around here before im NEIGHTHAN"

I stand there frozen looking at the monster in front of me i begin to say something but i cant 

"Hi I...I...Im Frankie Its nice to meet you  neighthan im new here im just trying to find my way to science" i say stuttering

''Oh im heading there now i'll be glad to show you the way" he says with a smile upon his face 

"that would be great thank you so much" i reply shyly 

"No problem I know whats its like to be new here i know how hard it is to get used to things and what not" he said turning the corner and entering a class room.

i followed behind him quickly taking a seat at the back of the classroom sitting down and taking out my notebook and text book. the bell rang and the teacher spoke 

"good morning class please take your seats we have a lot to learn today so please the quicker we get started the better"

i lean back and slouch in my chair hoping the teacher doesn't know that im there so i can just get through this day quicker.

''ok class we have a new student here at monster high Frankie Stein please come up and tell us about yourself"

I look up and suddenly freeze when i look around everyone's eyes are on me so i had no choice but to get up now 

*gets up and walks to the front of the class room* 

"Ok so I'm Frankie Stein father is Frankenstein i dont know much about my scaratge I'm really excited to be here at monster high and i hope to have a great school year' i finish speaking then i walk back to seat when someone trips me 

HMPH! ''OUCH! Hey why'd you do that!"

"meoowww do what?" 

*gets up* "you triped me on purpose!" i say to he orange cat

Toralei!" screams Mr.boolittle 

"meow what" 

'princples office now!"



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