Avengers: 3rd Generation: The Civil War

This is the END of the New Avengers! When a accident happens that kill over 50 people the Avengers have to sign a new registration act that BANS ALL heroes but some won't sign it and those that did sign have been hired by the government to hunt down and KILL the traitors.


5. The truth flies out



           In SHEILD bunker 456....


                "What do we do?" Donavan asks. "Hold on Donavin, I'm calling Kevin Fury. Hi Kevin, it's me Captain America. Well ummm....we are in the bit of a tough spot. The Avengers and I had a minor disagreement and sort of collapsed the tower and now a group of Avengers and I are most likely going to be put in a Hero chain gang" Captain said worrisome that Fury might trace the call and tell the government where they are. "We'll head to...wait where are you?" Kevin asked. "We are in SHEILD bunker 456." Captain responded. "Oh! Well, you might have to fight. And if your sister is on your-" Kevin got cut-off there. "Sister? What sister?" Aidan asked impulsively. "Brianna you didn't....oh oops" Kevin said as he remembered his father told him not to tell Captain about his sister. "BRIANNA IS MY SISTER." Aidan screamed at the top of his lungs. "Aidan, calm yourself if you think about it, it makes sense your grandfather Steve married Natasha who made your father James who made you and Brianna." Fury explained. "Yea, ok....NO! I've had a sisterall these years and YOU the only one who knew NEVER bothered to tell me, I mean and you tell me now as I'm probably going to be imprisonedor DIE!" Aidan ranted. A loud BOOM shook the ground. "Hold on Kev got to go." Aidan said. He hung up the phone and dropped it. Aidan walked out sideto only see Bradley and his group. But this time there are more heroes. It's Bradley's group and DareDevil, Human Torch, and the Punisher. Aidan with wide opened eyes said "What do you want!?" 




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