Avengers: 3rd Generation: The Civil War

This is the END of the New Avengers! When a accident happens that kill over 50 people the Avengers have to sign a new registration act that BANS ALL heroes but some won't sign it and those that did sign have been hired by the government to hunt down and KILL the traitors.


3. The registration




           Aidan sits in his room laying in his bed thinking about seeing that highway collapse and hearing the cries of pain and agony. Katianna comes in Aidan's room. Aidan sits up and asked "What do you need?" She replies with "The senator is here. He wishes to speak with you." Aidan gets up and sees all of the Avengers there. Aidan takes a seat and the senator begins. "Hello, I'm senator Ryan. I'm here to speak to you today about a registration. The registration states that there will be a ban on ALL heroes. Yes I know it's a little harsh but the public will feel safe that way. I mean you guys took down a whole highway." All the Avengers sat there in awe. And the senator then through a thick book that states "The I-610 registration" Aidan yelled "What is this bull-crap!" Bradley said "This bull-crap is to keep the public safe!" Bradley was on board with the idea he knew some way he could bribe the government to get him to still be Iron Man. "And for those who don't agree will be thrown in The Neagitive Zone" the senator added. Zach asked "Wasn't the Neagative Zone destroyed during the Captain America and Iron Man ordeal?" "Yes, but we have rebuilt it more efficient and secure. Ok well I got to go. We will explain more later on the news when the President is on live tonight." The senator said while walking out.  "What are we going to do?" Aidan asked . "What we are going to do is sign that paper." Bradley answered.Katianna said confusingly"And just stop helping people. I mean there are still people or things out there that will KILL people. And some that the military or police CANT handle. That's what we are for." "Yes but the government told us to. So we are going   to do it. They can take us down." Bradley said. Camren agreed "Yea, I have a family I got to think of them. Everyone except Donavin, Aidan, Katianna, Zach, and Solomon thought that the registration wasn't smart. Bradley was enraged that all of his team wasn't agreeing with him. And that rage consumed him. He punched Aidan. Everyone that thought the registration surrounded him to make sure he was ok. Bradley stuck out his arm and his armour flew onto his Aidan got up and turned on his sheild. The Avengers knew this wasn't going to end pretty things like these never do...



















































                            The next day....
























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