Avengers: 3rd Generation: The Civil War

This is the END of the New Avengers! When a accident happens that kill over 50 people the Avengers have to sign a new registration act that BANS ALL heroes but some won't sign it and those that did sign have been hired by the government to hunt down and KILL the traitors.


2. Prologue


         Captain Aidan Rogers runs down the streets of Downtown Houston, Texas chasing Ultron who killed 2 generations of the Avengers. When they got to a highway intersection Ultron called out his legion of robots. Oh no...Romanoff you seeing this?" Captain asked. Brianna Romanoff is in a Sky-Hawk SHEILD helicopter "Affirmative Captain. HULK NOW!!!" Brianna yelled. Christopher Bannner is on top of a building near the intersection. Chris then enrages himself to become the Hulk. He then jumps off of the  building and destroys many of the robots. When Ulton saw it was getting out of hand he decided to try and fly away. But Camren Barton shoots a arrow into the rockets at the bottom of Ultrons robotic foot. Then Zach Maximoff runs and trips Ultron. Cap decided it was time to end the fight so he jumped off Hulks back. Ultron saw him after he turned around onto his back and he shot a pulsar beam at Captain America he tried to block it with his energy gauntlet sheild but the pressure was so strong it flung him back. But also the pulsar beam ricoetted off of his sheild and blew up the other highway with police and civilians cars...and some where full with hiding civilians. 
























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