The Talons Of Time

this is a Doctor Who story. hope you like.


1. One


Gallifrey erupted into mushrooms of stone as soil and rubble fell onto the steaming cratered land. The Doctor fell and clawed his hands deeper into the soil, hanging on to his life as his world came under attack from his arch-enemy. He glanced to his right to see his belovèd dome shatter into pieces before him. The high spires of Gallifrey erupted into fire like they were being consumed by invisible dragon’s breath. The Doctor squinted hard as a dark toxic cloud of engulfed him. He coughed as it tore into his lungs, he gasped attempting to breath. He coughed again gasping for oxygen to fill his body. He didn’t want to regenerate. His hearts began to beat faster and faster as they tried to get rid of the poison racing through his veins. He watched as the spires fell like giant fingers exploding onto the ground with a lion’s roar. Splinters of glass rained like transparent teeth glistening in the bright sunlight of the early morn. Doctor screamed in pain and turned to see a foot wide shard embedded in his right leg. He sat with streams of light zipping past his body as he fought to release himself. ‘Exterminate!’ said a voice behind him. ‘Exterminate!’ it continued coldly and systematically lowering its one single storked eye. It lowered its firing arm on its golden metallic body to the struggling time-lord. The Doctor turned in pain and fired his ever faithful sonic screwdriver. The Dalek turned on a sixpence as it exploded. The Doctor roared in utter despair as with blood dripping hands released the shard. The Doctor ripped his trousers and touched the giant open wound. A single stream of regeneration mist entered. The wound began to heal, just.


The Doctor hobbled to his feet. He limply ran from the dead Skaro. The pain was immense as he dragged his right leg behind him. The Doctor raced to the palace of time. He had to get there; the time-lords were going to make a massive mistake. ‘D-O-C-T-O-R!’ said a voice slowly behind him as yet another Dalek looked for more lower forms than itself to kill. ‘I don’t want this, now!’ he said. Twisting he fired his screwdriver once more, the Dalek turned around and around like a spinning top. It exploded before his eyes; its casing ruptured spewing its contents on the war laden ground. Davros’s mutation screamed waving its tentacles frantically, its one eye rolled in pain, as it died in the open air of Gallifrey. The Doctor fell into a deep crater as a mist of smoke and flame danced around him engulfing the surroundings of Gallifrey. The Doctor rubbed his head as a drip of blood raced down his face from a giant gash at the top of his head. His eyes focused and came out of focus as he tried to gain his thoughts. The Doctor blinked and placed his hand on to the side of the crater attempting to steady himself. Gallifrey had to be saved from the Daleks and the time-lords. Three Daleks stood their ground like tin pot soldiers. Their order was to destroy those that were under them. They were the Superior life-form and the universe was theirs. Their individual eyes scanned around them. They knew their arch-enemy the Doctor was there waiting to destroy them. He had done it before and could still. Their firing rods twisted and turned in nervous twitches. They knew he was there… They didn’t like it, they feared the Doctor. Suddenly their inbuilt hatred of every living thing took over their emotions. They turned into the killing machines once more.


The Doctor clawed the crater rim with his hands and looked over carefully. The three Dalek stood above him like living statues. A Dalek fired seeing a fleeing Gallifreyan. The old white haired man with a ancient stick held his chest as the blue beam of energy ruptured his body sending him reeling backwards and striking the near wall, killing him instantly. He fell to the ground, slowly falling like a ragdoll into a crumpled heap. The Doctor struck the side of the crater. He hated the killing and the Daleks. The killing and the new war had to stop. Suddenly a scream broke the silence of the killing fields. The Doctor watched in horror as a young Gallifreyan fell into the crater. She was dead. The central Dalek boomed its battle cry of success. ‘EXTERMINATE!’ they proclaimed together at their triumph. The Doctor couldn’t stand it no more and somehow he climbed. ‘Hello, Dalek’s,’ he said calmly looking directly at them. The central Dalek’s whole casting shivered, its weapons twitched uncontrollably at the sight before him. ‘Doctor,’ it said slowly, terrifingly. ‘DOCTOR!’ exclaimed his companions either side. All three shivered in absolute fear. The Doctor smiled taking his sonic screwdriver in his hand.



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