The marauders Year3

Marauder era!!!!;-) Third year at Hogwarts is full of enemies! Sorry, I am a bit biased about Snape as I think he's brill. My first movella!!!🐈


2. Fun!

 Remus' POV🌜:

Yesss! The holidays are here and the Marauders are coming to my house for two whole weeks of bliss! I lead my friends over to where my parents are standing. Mum hugs at us all in turn and Dad smiles warmly. This is going to be fun!.......

James' POV🍴:

"Ooph!" Something fluffy and white hits me in the face. Groggily, I grop for my glasses and put them on.

"Good morning my little Daisies!" Yells Remus, flinging the curtains open wide.

"Hey, Moons! Quit the cheesy nicknames!" Laughs Padfoot. The pillow that hit me earlier is grabbed by Sirius and thrown at Moony. Unfortunately, it hits its target, making him end up in a heap on his bed with the duvet on his head. The pillow he had then thrown at Padfoot sails across the room, just as Remus' mother - Hope - comes in. The pillow hits her in the face, but she just laughs and tosses it aside.

"Good morning my little Daisies and Daffodils and Buttercups and Primroses!" She says cheerfully. Now we know where Moony got his cheesiness from...

Remus' POV🌜:

Over breakfast, we discuss Lily. Predictably, Prongs goes red and we all cry: "Lily and James,

Sitting in a tree,


First comes love,

Then comes marriage,

Last comes a baby in a baby cot carriage!" Very loudly. Just then, a woman comes up the garden path. Mum recognizes her but I don't; when she sees who it is, she drops the eggs all over the floor. Therefore, me and the others go to my room to talk. Because it is so stuffy, I decide to open the window and something in the back garden catches my eyes: Dad is watering the flowers. Really, he's just watering his socks and the patio. That's odd. Normally he's very careful. Wait! I bet he's trying to eavesdrop on mum. Grinning, I point this out to the others. They find it funny, especially Wormtail, who practically wets himself!



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