The marauders - Year3

Marauder era!!!!;-) Third year at Hogwarts is full of enemies!
Sorry, I am a bit biased about Snape as I think he's brill.
My first movella!!!��


6. Eileen Prince.

 Remus' P.O.V:

Today Mum sent us out to get some groceries (A chore I am often sent out to do!).

On the way, Peter slipped over and landed on his bum and me, Sirius and James had to haul him up. But then, at the shop, Prongs showed us all up when a tall, sallow-looking, horribly familiar woman came through the door. Snape's mother: Eileen Prince.

Unfortunately, she recognized us immediately and swept over, haughty and walking in a way that reassembled a spider more than anything else.

That was when James realized who she was and when she stood before him and said "Morning fellow innocents." in her sneering tone, Prongs replied, encouraged by Sirius' grin and our supposed hate for Snape, "Fellow? I thought you were in You Know Who's good books. Or was that the Malfoy family?"

Well, most of the wizards here know about the conflict between Eileen Prince and Abraxas Malfoy as their loathing of each other isn't exactly a secret between them, and so whispers started to run around the little shop. The muggles around, although most familiar with the magic in Cokesworth, remained confused.

Mrs Snape's face turned the color of sour milk. "You think you're so clever, don't you, James Fleamont Potter? But I assure you, before long, you'll find yourself going the same way as your embarrassing father, mixing up hair-care potions for the sad members of society who can't do a simple potion like that by themselves, before long, being dragged down with the squibbs of society, mark my words!" She hissed.

To be honest, I thought that that was a little bit unfair that she should criticize people for hanging around with Squibbs when her own son hangs around with the new caretaker, Argus Filch, and he's bound to be a Squibb, but I don't say so.

"You just don't like my dad because he's better than you at potions!" Protests James.

Beside him, Sirius shakes his head, turns to me and whispers "One thing you should never wrongly accuse a Prince of: Not being good at potions!"

I nod because it's perfectly true: For generations now, Princes have always been known for their outstanding potions skills.

Eileen looks like she wants to thump Prongs. "Better than me at potions? Better than me at potions?" Her voice is dangerously soft and Peter starts to quake a little. I start to wonder when she's going to explode... But she doesn't. In fact, all she says is "Well, you think what you think, Potter..." then she waves her wand once, producing a shimmer of harmless silver, and exits.

I grab Padfoot and Prongs' elbows, push Wormtail in front of me, pay for the groceries and hurry home.

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