The marauders Year3

Marauder era!!!!;-) Third year at Hogwarts is full of enemies! Sorry, I am a bit biased about Snape as I think he's brill. My first movella!!!🐈


1. Busted

Severus's POV🐍:

Charms passes very slowly. When it does, however, I zoom out of the classroom like fiery flames on hay. Outside the Transfiguration classroom, I stop, dead. They must know a shortcut. Putting on a brave face, I stride, much more confidently than I feel, towards James. "You can do this - again." I think. "Hurry up slowcoach! How did you get here? By snail!?" Sniggers James and I feel my face burn. Busted. Again. Staring at my shoes, I hurry past the Marauders, into the classroom. Sirius tries - and succeeds - to trip me as I pass. At least it wasn't worse, but it's enough to make me feel like I've been slapped.

When I sit down, Lily gives me a questioning shrug; I ignore her. She always makes it worse, besides, I can do this... No, I can't... But I have to and, for now at least, I must focus on the lesson. Absent mindedly, I doodle on a scrap piece of parchment: a portion phile. That always makes me feel better. Potions are my life. Without those lessons, I would never have had the strength to keep going. Something brushes past my arm and I sigh wearily and pick it up. Every part of me is screening "No Severus! No! Don't even touch it!" And I know that it will be from the smirking boy whom I loath and that it'll only cause me to get upset. I cannot let that happen, but curiosity gets the better of me. With fumbling fingers and a pounding heart, I unfold the note..



Ouch! I cannot stay here! Hurriedly, I put up my shaking hand in the air. "Um, Professor, can I go to the bathroom please?" Mc Gonagle serveys me for a moment - like Lily. "Yes." I grab my stuff and run out, not looking at anybody. But not before I hear a horribly familiar voice ask if they can go as well...

NO! I sprint full-pelt down the corridors. Spotting a boys' bathroom up ahead, I hurry inside, shut the door and stand in front of the cracked sinks. "No. I -c-can't." The whisper barely escapes me before I break down entirely. I can't continue, not anymore. How stupid was I to think that I could? The door creeks open to reveal Potter. This is the last thing I need. Deep breaths. I cannot afford to let him see what wounds he has afflicted upon me. Too late. Brace yourself.

"So, I've finally got the crybaby on his own.... Hmmm.... What to do with you now???" James' voice is soft, deadly and terrifying. Slowly, he picks up my bag and I know what is coming. I have seen it a million times before - oh why did I bring it with me. Stressing greatly, I watch Potter turn my belongings upsidown............

James' POV 🍴

"Moons, give it a rest!" I cry. "I know that I went a bit TOO far over the line earlier and I don't need you to tell me that!"

"Look, guys, there's no point arguing over such a little thing!" Resins Sirius. Since when have him and Moony switched roles?

We are sitting in the library after I told my friends what had happened with Snivelly. As I'd expected, Moony took the news with protests that I'd stopped bullying Snape, but I was surprised when Padfoot took it the same way.

"The library is  now closed. Mind you put any books back on the correct shelves." Calls Madam Pince, the librarian; the four of us head to bed.

Sirius' POV 🐾:

I lie in bed long after the others have gone to sleep, thinking of home.


"Uhuh." I say.

"Are you awake?"

Peter. I think. Who else would ask such a stupid question?

Someone else sighs. "Honestly Wormtail, if Padfoot was asleep, he wouldn't have answered." Says Moony irritatedly. "Wow. I seriously didn't realise you lot were awake! Is Prongs?" "Nope. Answers Remus casually.

" Moony?" I ask. "Moony?......." Leaning over his bed, I learn he's asleep. Smiling, I drop out myself.



























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