The marauders - Year3

Marauder era!!!!;-) Third year at Hogwarts is full of enemies!
Sorry, I am a bit biased about Snape as I think he's brill.
My first movella!!!��


7. A Bad Mood.

 Severus' P.O.V:

My mother storms in and slams a small shopping bag on the table and I have to fight the urgu to laugh; she seems like a spoilt child on a bad day.

Seeing my expression, mum whirls round and snarles "You can stop that smirking right now!"

"S- sorry." I say, immediately wiping my face blank of all emotion; I am really good at this after all my years of doing it and it's great occlumency practice. 

She glares at me, then starts pulling things out of the shopping bag willy-nilly and bashing them down so hard on the table, I almost thought that she was trying to cause an earth-quake.

Taking a deep breath and choosing my words carefully so as to avoid upsetting her anymore than I have already, I ask "Something the matter?"

"What?"my mother snaps. Then, as if realising that I have done nothing wrong, she calms herself. "Just Fleamont Potter's son and his cronies acting as they do. The whole family are like that... And that Black boy.... All his family have been wonderful witches and wizards, but him...." She shakes her head.

Deciding it's safe to give my opinion, I say "I like Regulus, the youngest. He's nice. And his cousin, Bellatrix is great too... And her sister, Narcissa."

Mum snorts. "That Lupin.... Well Lyell was fine when he was at Hogwarts, a little geeky and shy, but he was good to us Slytherins...Unlike some of his house....Still...He could be slightly nutty at times... I suppose his son's the same...He looks like his father, that one... But he's a lot like his mother, too."

"Yeah. Remus is cool. But his friends..." I stare at the floor, closing my mind against my mother's intrusions; I desperately don't want her to see, and it's not like she'd do anything about it, anyway. Or even care. "Malfoy's nice to me, though!" I smile brightly after a while, deciding it would be best to steer well clear of Potter and his friends.

"He might be decent, but his parents were...Merlin, I hate Abraxas...." She closes her eyes, a slight tremor running down her spine.

I nod, and mum continues. "Even Rubeus told me he really hated that man, and Hagrid tends to try to find a light side in everyone...I missed Hagrid when he was expelled....Even though he was always a right buffoon..."

I look up at her, suddenly curious "Hagrid was expelled? Why?"

"Never mind that. It's cirtainly none of your buisness!" All at once, she's brisk and sharp again.

I sigh. "I'm going out to see Lily..."

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