Wizarding excange

Kaitlyns life was all planned out when, her school goes to exchange week at a nearby boarding school. Her school bus makes a wrong turn and end up near a restricted area. Looking at the restricted tower the image starts to change, flicker to an image of of a grand castle. Wondering away from her school she goes inside to see if there was someone there for help the first thing she runs into are children, from around her age to young adults. Her school will be fine, right?


1. Ready?

I got one last glance at my mum and dad before I left them for three weeks. Our school was doing an exchange with another boarding school. We don't know the name as its a surprise. We were warned that it was going to be a long ride so we settled in and got comfy. I was sitting next to my best friend, Adalia. She was pretty seeing as she was partied the popular group of kids, I was usually just there. Now I'm not saying I'm horribly ugly, no one is. But i wasn't pretty, and my school is known for being good looking. Majority of us are 11 turning 12 and it's a good thing I guess.

Adalia and I were really good friends we've been friends since the very beginning of grade school.

I was awake for the first hour, then it seemed as every one got bored and fell asleep, when I woke up again the scenery completely changed there was one set of train tracks and after that it was woods and open fields.

I checked my watch to see how long it's been and it's been three hours since we left. I walked up to where the teachers were sitting and asked them if the ride was supposed to be this long. One of the half asleep teachers said that we were almost there and to just wait a little longer.

There was a time where the bus went to get gas and that was about our only pit stop.

About an hour later the road turned to gravel and before we knew it we were by a restricted area and the driver had informed us that he had taken a wrong turn and we would get help soon.

The teachers let us have a chance to stretch our legs and walk around for a bit.

I walked around to the tower and just stared at it for a while. Then the image flicked changed to a beautiful castle, then it left as soon as it came. I called Adalia over and asked her if she saw anything different, she too saw the castle.

We managed to slip away from the group and went inside. Inside the whole image changed. It was beautiful and there were children, everyone from our age and young adults, it was beautiful!

" excuse me, but who are you, and why are you not wearing your robes?"

It was an elderly woman asking us, her hair pulled back in a tight bun and a hat on her head.

Adalia and I looked at each other.

" uhh" I said " our class was going to a boarding school for an exchange and well our driver took a wrong turn."

"Right then, off to the headmasters office" and with that she was off, then she turned back around and beckoned us to follow her " what are you waiting for ? He's not going to come to you."

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