Hi, I'm Misty O'Weilly. I'm a human from the Outlands of Eutoria, which is where all of the humans are born and raised. When they turn eighteen, they are given a choice. To stay in the Outlands and have children, or to live in the Inlands and never have a child. Today, I am eighteen. My bags are packed, for I am on a mission.


Eutoria is a beautiful and magical land. The Inlands is home to all the magical creatures of Eutoria, such as dragons, elves, gnomes, and even fairies. Eutoria would be perfect, but The Rulers are a huge problem. They are the five kings and four queens who rule over Eutoria as tyrants. Follow along with Misty as she joins a rebellion to overthrow The Rulers.


7. Six

The human girl and the young girl came back a few moments later, the young girl cleaned up and wearing new clothes. The young girl had a supernatural aura about her, but I couldn't put my finger on it. "So, you spoke with Emile?" the Elven boy asked.  "If that was the boy at the ticket booth, then yes," I replied. "Good. You're in," the fairy girl said. I realized that this fairy girl was the same I'd seen earlier. "Now, let us all introduce ourselves. My name is Jaqueline. I'm a fairy princess regent, I'm 18, and I'm a magic expert in training. That explains why Jax is blue." I glanced at the blue boy, whom I also recognized from the city. "Speaking of moi, I'm Jax. I'm a gnome, I'm 21, and I'm the weapons expert," with that, he drew two colorful and futuristic guns from his belt. "And I should like to be my natural color again." Jaqueline laughed nervously and waggled her fingers, turning Jax back to a regular skin tone. "My name is Kaitlyn. I'm 18, completely human, and my specialty is seduction," said the pretty human. "My name is Annie. I'm quite sure that I'm 16, but I could be wrong. I forget my species and all. I don't know what I could do here, but I want to pull my weight," said the young girl. "My name is Scarlet. I'm 27. I'm a war vet," said an older woman with straight black hair, a leather jacket, a purple scoop-neck t-shirt, a red scarf, a serious expression, and a big red scar slashing across her eye, which was completely milky, which differed from her other eye, which was a warm brown. The Elven boy spoke up then, saying, "My name is Luke. Half elf, half human. Age 19."   "And I'm Misty. Age 18. Human. Happy to join." Jaqueline smiled. "Welcome." 


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