Letter of Marque

Okay, I had a complete change of thought on the story, moving it forward for better historical representation.

Anyway, enjoy:

"The year is 1711. With Great Britain plunged into the War of Spanish Succession, the country faces more enemies from all sides. But with the Royal Navy chasing down fleets of French and Spanish vessels, the country’s trade routes are left unattended, vulnerable to pirates and pillagers alike.

Across the entirety of the British Empire, hundreds of converted merchant ships set out under the title of Privateer. Commanded by hardy seafarers, and crewed by veterans and novices alike, they seek a mutual goal: to serve under the British crown.

With his father’s death still a mystery to him, Edmund Randolph join his ship, the Emerald Night, to embark on a mission to retrace the steps of history that time forgot. "


1. By Royal Appointment



   Sir John Leake, Esq; First Lord of the Admiralty in and over Her Majesties Kingdom of Great Britain, and her dominions in America, Africa and in the Mediterranean, and Vice-Admiral of the same.

   To Capt. Edmund Randolph, Commander of the Brig Emerald,



   Whereas Her Sacred Majesty ANNE by the Grace of GOD, of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, QUEEN, Defender of the Faith, Etc. Hath an Open and Declared War against France and Spain, their Vassals and Subjects. And Forasmuch as you have made Application unto Me for Licence to Arm, Furnish and Equip the said Brig in Warlike manner, against Her Majesties said Enemies, I do accordingly Permit and Allow the same; And, Reposing special Trust and Confidence in your Loyalty, Courage and good Conduct, Do by these Presents, by Virtue of the Powers and Authorities contained in Her Majesties Royal Commission to Me granted, Impower and Commisionate you the said Edmund Randolph, to be Captain or Commander of the said Brig Emerald, Hereby Authorizing you in and with the said Brig and Company to her belonging, to War, Fight, Take, Kill, Suppress and Destroy, any Pirates, Privateers, or other ships of war in possession of the Subjects and Vassals of France, or Spain, the Declared Enemies of the Crown of England, in what Place soever you shall happen to meet them; Their Ships, Vessels and Goods, to take and make Prize of. And your said Brigs Company are Commanded to Obey you as their Captain: And your self in the Execution of this Commission, to Observe and Follow the Orders and Instructions herewith given you.

   And I do hereby Request all Governors and Commanders in Chief, of any of Her Majesties Territories, Islands, Provinces or Plantations, where the said Captain or Commander shall arrive with his said Vessel and Men: And all Admirals, Vice-Admirals and Commanders of Her Majesties Ships of War, and others, that may happen to meet him at Sea; Also all Officers and Subjects of the Friends or Allies of Her said Sacred Majesty, to permit him the said Captain or Commander with his said Vessel, Men, and the Prizes that he may have taken, freely and quietly to pass and repass, without giving or suffering him to receive any Trouble or Hindrance, but on the contrary all Succour and Assistance needful.

   And this Commission is to continue in Force for the Space of Six Months next ensuing (if the War so long last) and not afterwards.

   Given under my Hand and Seal at Arms at London the Sixth Day of February: In the Second Year of Her said Majesties Reign, Annoque Domini, 1711.

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