The Willow Pack (PAUSE)

Writing Later... "The Willow Pack" by Minna. This book as all my other books, it not to be copied. I have put time and work in them, and am thankful for you respecting my hardwork, and not copying the books.


3. ~ Chapter 2 - Ellie’s point of view ~

1 weak later…

It’s been a weak since dad died and today we’re gonna hold the funeral. The pack designer came and gave me the black dress that I have to wear to the funeral. I still can’t believe that I’m never gonna see, hear or talk to my dear dad ever again. Or at least not in this life. Maybe after I die, I will see him again. But I just can’t wait that long. “Come on Ellie, bring yourself together, you can do this. Just wait a few years and then you are gonna see him again. It’s not that hard, live your life day by day. Don’t dwell on the past.” I repeat to myself.

I look at the black dress. It’s actually very pretty, and is exactly my style. I take the dress on. It’s simple and stylish. It’s a little tight from the start of my stomach and the way up. And from my stomach to my knees, it’s not even a little bit tight, it actually flows around my knees. I wear some simple high heel black shoes, and let my blond hair flow down my back. I look myself in the mirror. Every time I look into my eyes, it’s like dad is still here with me. Maybe it’s because we both have the same deep blue eyes, or maybe it’s just because I miss him very much. I let my eyes travel from my eyes to my blonde hair. I also got my blonde hair from my dad. The rest of me is from my mom. I have the same small nose, the same eyebrows, the same naturally color of our mouth, that is the color between red and pink. But I’m a bit taller than mother. So my height is between dad and moms.

I take my eyes away from the mirror and look at the clock. It’s almost time for the funeral to begin. Since my dad is the alpha, everybody from the pack is going to be there. Tomorrow I’m going to be the new alpha since it’s tradition, that if the alpha dies, the next alpha in line will be the alpha of its pack, one day after the previous alphas funeral.

I take a deep breath and walk out of my bedroom. I walk down the massive corridor of our big mansion. We have many corridors. If you didn’t know the place you would easily get lost. I know the mansion like the back of my hand. We have a lot of corridors, and each corridor has it’s own name. We have the family corridor where there are family pictures of my family from the past to present. We also have the Alpha corridor, where there are paintings of every Alpha that has been Alpha of this pack from the very first Alpha, and the last painting is of my dad. Soon a painting of me will be on that corridor. Right after I will be ‘crown’ as Alpha.

I sigh, and walk down the corridor of my bedroom to the ball room. The ball room is probably the biggest room, in the whole mansion. The walls of the ball room have the color of gold, and the floor of the ball room is just a normal shiny wooden floor. There are big chandeliers in the ball room, and they look like diamonds when you look at them. I let my eyes look around the ball room, until I see my mother. She is wearing a black dress like me, but instead of a knee-long dress like mine, hers is a long black dress that almost touches the floor. I can’t imagine how hard it is for mom, to have lost dad. They weren’t just husband and wife. They were also mates. I heard that if you lose your mate, it would be like losing half of yourself, half of your soul. Poor mother.

I walk over to mom. She is greeting the guests.

“Hello mother.” I say to her in a funny formal way.

“Hello daughter.” Mom looks at me and says in an even funnier formal way.

We both laugh, at our not so funny funniness and hug each other. “Mom, how are you handling it all?” I ask. Mom gives me a sad smile “I’m handling it. It takes time Ellie. But how are you handling it, I mean you are going to be the new alpha tomorrow.”

“I guess I’m handling it as good as you are handling it. I mean, I just lost dad, and they expect me to be all happy and take his place so soon.” I sigh. Sometimes it’s not so fun to have alpha blood in you. The pack needs it’s alpha to function, and since my parents didn’t have other kids then me, that means that I get all the responsibility of this pack. Normally girls can’t be alpha, but since my parents didn’t have any siblings, and they only had me, that means that I get the alpha position.

My parents knew that they couldn’t get any more children, so mom and dad taught me everything they knew. And when dad had to do paperwork in his office, I would come and help him. I had two reasons to help. Firstly; to help dad, and, secondly; to get used to the alphas job.

Mom takes my hand. “Don’t worry sweetheart, you already know what to do as an alpha, and if you need anything you have yours truly, the wonderful Luna Bridget.” Mom says. I smile a real smile that I haven’t had in a while, and know that I always have mom to count on if anything goes wrong.

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