The Willow Pack (PAUSE)

Writing Later... "The Willow Pack" by Minna. This book as all my other books, it not to be copied. I have put time and work in them, and am thankful for you respecting my hardwork, and not copying the books.


2. ~ Chapter 1 - Ellie’s point of view ~

“Dad! Please stay with us…. with me…!” I say, to my poor Father. He is so weak; he can hardly eat. I don’t know what to do without him. He is my best friend. I am daddy’s little girl. I only have him and mom left, nobody else. None of my parents had any siblings, and my grandparents died when I was younger. If dad leaves me, I will only have mom left. I don’t want him to leave me and mom.

We can’t handle it without him. “Dad…. please…please don’t leave us…” I say very quietly that it’s only dad that can hear me.

I think of all the happy and wonderful times we had together. Even though dad is an Alpha, he is sweet too. I have met sooooo many Alphas in my life, and most of them were rude. They took advantage of their power, instead of using it for good. Dad was one of those Alphas that used their power for good. He helped all them who was in need. If there was war he would help win it or see if there was another solution instead of war. That was why our pack, ‘The Willow Pack’, is one of the strongest packs in the whole world.

“Dad…please say something…please…” I say while tears stream down my face.

Dad looks at me and says: “My darling Ellie, my little girl, I’m so lucky to have the tw-“dad gets interrupted by his coughing, “two of the most wonderful girls in my life, you and your mother.”

Dad clears his throat before he continues talking, “you Ellie, have always known that you would be the Alpha of this pack. It would either be when I would have grown older, or when I die. I’m sorry that it had to be so soon, I’m not gonna make it, my sweet Ellie.” Says dad.

The tears stream down my face in bigger streams than before. I can’t believe it. He is really gonna leave us. Leave me. “no…” I murmur.

Dad takes my hand and moms. “My sweet girls. When I’m gone, I only wish that you will look after each other, and have a long and happy life. Ellie, I’m sorry that I can’t be there when you are gonna find your mate. It’s only two weeks till your 17th birthday. I’m sorry that I can’t stay and witness your birthday. I’m so very sorry for everything.” Dad looks at mom and says. “My dear and wonderful, Bridget. You have made me the happiest man on earth when you said yes to marrying me. We have had nothing but a perfect life, a perfect daughter a perfect everything.” He chuckles and then starts coughing again. I hand him the glass of water that is on the nightstand beside his bed, and he drinks the water. “I fear that I don’t have so much time left. I’m so sorry my dear girls. I love you both so much. More than you could ever know. Ellie when you find your mate, be sure that he doesn’t use you. Bridget, take care of the pack and help our daughter. My dear girls, take care of each other.” Dad begins to turn paler “See you on the other side, we will be reunited again, nothing will stop that from happening. I love you both very much.” Dad says and takes his last breath and then he’s gone.

I crash down crying while my hand still is in my dad’s. Mom hugs me from behind, and tries to say comforting words to me, but she and I both know that they don’t work. I stand up and hug mom.

“Mom, I can’t lose you too. Please don’t leave me. I’m not even an adult, I’m still a teenager.” I cry.

“Shh… My Ellie, nothing and no one will separate us. And don’t worry, we will see your father again. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow. But you can be sure that we will see him in the future.” Mom assures me. I hug her tighter and pray that what she says is true and is going to happen.

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