American Sniper

Gwen Carter was an ex militarily operative in the US army.

After being falsely accused of an error that almost cost the lives of her entire squad, she was dishonorably discharged.
Subsequently spending 5 years in the US military penitentiary, she was released and left to pick up what was left of her life in Washington D.C. Struggling to cope with the real world, her newly found post traumatic stress disorder acts as a roadblock to the achievement of her peace.
When Maria Hill somehow gets hold of confidential information on her militia past , she sends in undercover SHIELD operatives to retrieve her.
The reason only causing one question to cloud her mind...

"What would the avengers want with a discharged military ex con?"


1. Prologue





36.5339˚N, 72.1567˚E


A barley audible breathe escaped her lips as she perfectly aligned the weapons scope with her rights eye, letting it sit on her shoulder while resting it in the small gap between her neck and her right rotator cuff. Uncomfortably hunched behind the crumbling buildings edge, she kept her intense gaze on the enemies movements. 

The burning sun had slowly began to create sweat above her eyebrows itching for her to try and wipe it away before it could run down the creases of her face. Her body disgustingly clinging to her stuffy, thick uniform making her to shift uncomfortably every 10 minutes.

Her teammate who had been on look out beside her gave her a small tap on the back as a sign to proceed with the mission. Clenching the trigger, she watched as the bullet traveled quickly through the air, making a clear shot through the targets head, his body falling limply to the ground.

The men that had stood around him quickly scattered for cover while they shot aimlessly at the building she had perched herself on. The sound of her teammate shooting beside her put her anxiety slightly at ease as they picked off the enemies one by one.

The sight in front of her not even causing her to flinch as she had seen it multiple times before. Repeating her actions at a steady pace she watched as the bodies fell to the ground.

"Get down! Get down! Carter!"

Her green irises scanned her surrounding crazily before they caught sight of a grenade. Her heart clenched in fear, as she raced to get up and move away from the blast radius as quickly as she could. But before she knew it, her body was being thrown off the building from a heated force. She watched as the ground became closer and closer, before landing with a sickening crunch.

A loud ringing invaded her ears, as her vision continued to blur and then refocus rapidly. Pain engulfed her body causing her to cry out in agony as if her screams would subside the suffering she was experiencing.

The smudges of the color around her slowly began fading into a black, causing her to panic.

She thought she had died.

She wished she had.







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