�� Lyrics for a new upcoming Album by Luke J.R ��
- Inspired By: Fishyyy
- Life & Youth -
[12 Lyrics]
[12 Songs]


3. [3] LIES

Baby, is that you? By the stairs alone again?

Baby, is that you? Crying near grandma’s chair again?

I’ve faced many nights, countless hours lost in the lights-

You’d call me every night I’m out, facing my demons now-

You tell me that I’m not being fair, but I just want to be out there!


You tell me all these things are true, that I’m a hopeless man who means nothing to you.

Baby, is that you? By the stairs alone again?

Baby, is that you, grandma’s chair is rocking again.

I’ve lost faith in all I see, all these wars are meant to be-

The kind of wars that we can’t be in, the kind of wars were meant for me.

I’ve lost this strangeness inside this, the badness is decaying quick.

I’ve lost my lifeless enemy, and my soul wishes to escape me.


Grandma’s chair is rocking again, alone by the Christmas tree.

Outside, hush, baby? Don’t you see? That’s a world of family.

All those children out there- laughing, and playing- making every day their favourite day.

Baby, you’re alone again, watching them play again with others.

Baby, you didn’t phone again, you left your brothers numbers on my desk- you told me that I was nothing to you, and Grandma was your best!


Remember the times we cut the grass together?

All the greenery would shave away the scenery for us.

Like you said, you’d never make a fuss with this garden-

Our garden of Eden, I don’t care any less, I just want you baby, I want you to come into season.

You’ve lied to me undressed, you’ve told me that I was the reason behind all your plotting against me.

All of these lies you wash away with the bloody sins you hide, and all those things inside my mind are telling me the truth.

You could’ve told me the truth instead of LYING TO ME!

You told me that I was broke, and you told your father I was a disease.

You LIED TO ME! You told your doctor that I gave you HIV.

What the F- is wrong with me? You can’t get inside of me. You make it very weird right now; you make me scream the house down.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? ME? Can’t we just enjoy the scenery?



No good, the greenery is fading, your mind no longer living

No more tears, your woman is no longer dreaming

Your eyes are just deceiving you of all those lies you’ve told

You’ve never actually meant anything to anyone in this age-

Aged life, you’ve just told yourself a million times that you were getting better-

But you’ve lied to yourself

You wanted to go back- you wanted to go back with her forever

But you’ve lied to yourself

Oh, you’ve LIED TO YOURSELF, your true self, not your fake self,

You’ve lied to yourself.

R.I.P Liar.

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