My brothers best friend

So today is when I move to Australia. So me and Michael my brother pack to move. But when I move Michael's friend as a crush on me when I don't even know what will Michael do?


4. Pt 2 Meeting The Boys ( Chapter 4 )

Well it was nice meeting you guys! I said. Nice meeting you too. They said. So we ordered our food and drinks. He Mackenzie there staying over tonight is that okay? Yeah sure maybe I can hang out with them cause I got nothing planned tonight. I said. Okay well we're leaving in a couple minutes anyway. He said. Okay. I said. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A couple minutes later

So we arrive at home finally. Home sweet home. I said. Let's sit down and watch movies and stuff. Michael said. Okay. I said. So we watched Fault In Our Stars until Luke wanted to talk to me. Hey Mackenzie can I talk to you? He whispered. Okay. I whispered back. So we went into the kitchen. So Mackenzie when I first met you I thought you were pretty, nice, amazing, beautiful I just wanted to kiss you. He said. Aw you really think I'm pretty? I asked. Yeah your actually really pretty. He said. Aw thanks. I said. Then that's when he kissed me. Hey love birds movies about to end. Michael yelled. Hey you want to ditch this? Luke asked. Um sure. I said. So me and Luke went somewhere, well actually Luke brought me somewhere. So Luke where are we going? I asked. Somewhere you will love. He said. So where he took me was a waterfall and it was breath taking! O. M. G. Luke this waterfall is breathtaking! I said. I knew you would like it! He said. I don't like it..........I love it! I said. So you should tell me about you. He said. Well you know my name Mackenzie Clifford I'm 17 years old. I like Green Day and Paramore, One Direction, 5 Seconds Of Summer, Blink-182. I told him. Wow great taste in music. He said. Thanks, my dad everytime we clean the house he would put on Green Day or Blink-182 and we would dance around the house. I said. He laughs. I started to tear up. Mackenzie why are you crying? Luke asks. Well my dad died when I was just 5 I did not really know that much. I said. Omg Mackenzie I'm so sorry to bring that up. He says. It's okay. I said. Luke kissed my cheek. Hey Mackenzie can I ask you something? Luke asked. Yeah. I say. Will you be my girlfriend? Luke asked. Omg Luke yes! I said. Then that's when we kissed kinda like making out. Let go home so they worry! He said. Okay. I said.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ At Home

Hey where did you go? Michael asked. We went somewhere. I said. Okay. He said.

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