Lily and the Marauders

A prequel to the Harry Potter series, for the Everything Fanfiction competition. These characters are not mine, they belong to J.K. Rowling.


2. Chapter 2

                A few days later, Lily sought out Snape. Her mother had always told her that her fatal flaw was curiosity. She was beginning to realize that now. 

                He wasn't hard to find. His house was the last one on Spinner's End, the darkest and most dreary looking. But his backyard? Awesome! It was located right in front of a small, shady thicket of trees, perfect to talk in and not be over-heard. 

                Lily was currently facing him as he described the wizarding world, her doubt melting away. He described it so clearly and confidently that it just had to be real. But, of course, Petunia didn't believe it. She highly disapproved of Snape. 

                "...and the Ministry can punish you if you do magic outside of school, you get letters."

                "But I have done magic outside of school!" Lily said fretfully.

                "We're okay. We haven't got wands yet. They let you off when you're a kid and can't help it." Snape told her. "But once you're eleven," he nodded "and they start training you, you've got to be careful." Lily was silent, she picked up a broken stick and twirled it between two fingers, imagining rainbow sparks igniting from it's tip. She let it fall, leaning towards her friend. 

                 "This is real, isn't it? It's not a joke? Petunia says it's not real. That there's no Hogwarts and that you're lying to me. It is real, right?"

                 "Real for us. Not for her. But we'll get the letter, me and you." He told her confidently. 

                 "Really?" Lily whispered


                 "And will it come by owl?" Lily wondered aloud, her voice still caught in a whisper. 

                 "Normally. But you're Muggle-born. So someone from the school will have to come and explain it to your parents."  

                 "Does it make a difference? Being Muggle-born?" Lily asked. She didn't notice his hesitation. 

                 "No. No difference at all." Lily relaxed. She'd been worrying. 

                  "Good." Snape said something else, but she wasn't listening. Her thoughts were filled with the promise of magical schools and mythical creatures.

                  "How are things at your house?" A crease appeared on his forehead. 

                  "Fine." he said stiffly. 

                  "They're not arguing anymore?"

                  "Oh, they're arguing. But it won't be that long and I'll be gone." Lily noticed he was tearing apart some leaves. 

                  "Doesn't your dad like magic?"

                   "He doesn't like anything."

                   "Severus?" he smiled when she said his name, as if forgetting all the troubles he endured at home. 


                   "Tell me about the dementors again."

                   "What do you want to know about them for?"

                   "Well, if you use magic outside of school-" Lily began. 

                   "They won't put you into Azkaban for that! Azkaban is for really bad wizards, who've done really bad stuff. You won't go to Azkaban, you're too n-" He stopped, flushing pink as the trees rustled. Lily turned as Petunia's familiar head popped out. She'd lost her footing. 

                     "Tuney!" Lily cried, surprise and welcome in her voice. Severus, however, jumped to his feet.

                     " Look who's spying now!" He taunted "What do you want?" Lily started towards her sister, she looked breathless and alarmed at being caught. 

                    "What's that you're wearing anyway? Your mum's blouse?" Tuney replied angrily. CRACK. The branch above her snapped and hit her hard on the head, she burst into tears and ran for their house. 

                      Lily, momentarily surprised, rounded on Snape. 

                      "You made that happen!"

                      "What? No I didn't!" He seemed confused, scared. Lily started to back away. 

                      "You did! You hurt her!"

                      "No--no, I didn't!" His lie didn't convince her. She hadn't made it happen. And like he'd said, only him and her had magic. So, she cast him one last burning look, and darted after her sister. 

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