Lily and the Marauders

A prequel to the Harry Potter series, for the Everything Fanfiction competition. These characters are not mine, they belong to J.K. Rowling.


1. Chapter 1

                   "Ready Tuney?" Lily Evan's melodic voice rang through the sweet summer air, as the red-headed girl prepared to launch herself off the swing and into the sky.

                  "No!" the poor, black-haired girl yelled in response, covering her pale face with her long fingers, not aware of the greasy haired boy watching them from the bushes. 

                  "One," began a laughing Lily, pumping her legs through the air. 

                  "Don't! Mommy said no!" Petunia cried, gray eyes peering through her fingers. 

                  "Two," the greasy haired boy smirked at Petunia's wail. 

                  "Three!" Lily launched herself into the air, spreading her arms out like wings and flapping them, staying air-borne, rather than falling to the ground. She glanced down and saw Tuney's worried face and humored her, touching down gracefully onto the damp grass. 

                  Petunia sobbed in relief and made to embrace her younger sister. 

                  "Tuney, look!" Lily said picking up a fallen flower, very close to where the boy was hiding. She waited until her sister was close enough, and opened up her palm, the flower opening and closing as if in a dance. 

                  "Stop it!" Petunia wailed.

                  "It's not hurting you." Lily said miserably, and dropped the flower. 

                  "It's not do you do it?" Tuney asked, the curiosity in her voice audible. 

                 "It's obvious isn't it?" A new voice asked, this one male, and the greasy haired boy finally made his appearance, covered in an overly large coat, color rising in his sunken cheekbones as his gaze darted to Lily, ignoring Petunia as she screamed and ran. 

                  "What's obvious?" Lily asked, the boy's dark eyes filled with excitement, he glanced at her sister, who had retreated to the swing, and lowered his voice. 

                  "I know what you are." He told her mysteriously. 

                  "What do you mean?" Lily asked, feeling very confused. 

                  "You're a witch!" The boy whispered.  Lily took a step back, offended. 

                  "That's not a very nice thing to say," she told him, turning and marching back to her sister, nose high in the air. 

                  "No!" the boy called desperately, stumbling after her in his big coat. Why didn't he remove it? Lily wondered as she turned to face him, disapproval radiating off of her and her sister alike.

                  "You are! You're a witch. I've been watching you for a while. There's nothing wrong with it. My mom's one too. And I'm a wizard!" A note of pride wriggled it's way into his voice. 

                    Lily's sister laughed her cold, high crackle. "Wizard! I know who you are! You're that Snape boy. They live over on Spinner's End." Petunia told Lily, disgust evident in her tone. "Why have you been spying on us?"

                    "I haven't been spying! And I wouldn't spy on you anyway. You're a muggle." Lily's brow furrowed in confusion and Petunia gripped her hand. 

                     "Come on Lily! We're leaving!" She said shrilly. Lily obeyed, glaring at Snape as she left, finding it hard to sympathize as disappointment filled his gaze. 

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