We are just friends.

But if we are then why do I feel funny when I see him?
Why do I want him to hold me?

If we are just friends then why did Calum say he loves me?


8. 8

Calum and I found our way to the wood trails. I looked down the row to pick the one I thought was best. There was one that looked promising so I ran to it. Calum followed but kept his walking speed. 

"I think this one will do." I said like a rich man.

"Aye Sir." Calum replied.

Calum and I started to walk down the trail, entering the woods. My eyes looked up, down, to the sides, almost everywhere. It was so pretty out.

"Oh, I should probably text my mum." I sighed grabbing my phone.

'Hey mum, I went out on a picnic with Cal. I won't be back to late, call me if you need anything :)'

I put my phone back in my pocket and looked forward.

I screamed.

There was a stick on the ground, but I thought it was a snake.

Calum looked back at me with wide eyes. Then when he released it was nothing, he giggled and shook his head.

"I can't take you anywhere." Calum laughed.

His comment only made me laugh harder.

"My god, you're a hot mess, let's go." Calum said chuckling, and linking arms with me.

I was still laughing a little as we walked.

We were pretty far into the woods now. I looked around and saw a nice opening. It was a little field with trees all around it. Perfect for a picnic.

"Is that a good spot?" I asked pointing to the field.

"Yeah it looks nice." Calum smiled.

I walked over and laid out a blanket to sit on. Calum set the basket down and we both sat.

We pulled out all of the food and drinks and started to eat. I grabbed the strawberries and a juice.  Calum grabbed a water and the pretzels.

"So what did your mum say when you got home?" I asked.

"She asked me how I got suspended and I told her about the fight and how it happened. Then she asked if you got suspended too. Then she asked if we were okay." Calum said.

"Is she mad?" I continued.

"Pissed." Calum laughed.

"Wow, I have no idea how my parents are gonna react." I sighed.

"Probably not as bad as my mum." Calum said poking my cheek.

I smiled and shoved a strawberry in my mouth.

As a chewed the strawberry I thought about what Katie said. Do I really like Calum. I don't even know my own feelings. If I did like him, would he like me back. I don't want to make a move or say something a risk our friendship. I guess if he does then I'll have to wait for him to make a move.

Watched as Calum grabbed a sandwich and jumped up. There was a little bird on the ground. He crawled over to it and threw small pieces of bread to it. The bird flew away and Calum's lip jutted out. He crawled back over to the blanket and fell onto him back, looking up at the sky. I did as he did and leaned back onto my back.


April leaned back like I did and looked at the sky. I looked over at her. Her eyes shined, and she fluttered her eyes shut for a second. Then April turned her head and looked at me. It was to late to play it off like I wasn't staring.

I just smiled at her.

She smiled back and giggled a little.

I moved my hand over so it slightly touched hers. She looked down at our hands and slowly moved her hand so her fingers slightly intertwined with mine. I moved my hand the rest of the way so we were completely holding hands.

I looked back up at April. She was staring at the sky again. But this time she had a smile on her face. I copied her and looked to to the sky.

I have a sting feeling that she doesn't like me back. Although she lets me hold her hand, I feel like she doesn't have feelings for me. I feel like she will only see us as friends.

Only...ever friends.

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