The Life of a Fangirl


3. Turned For the Better

School was over, as Andy had to go get ready for a concert she was going to tonight. It was her favorite band of all time, 5 Second of Summer. She had won the tickets over a radio contest and invited Rose to go.

Andy opened her bedroom door revealing posters of 5SOS covering her walls. She had t-shirts, every album, even jewelry after them. She jumped on her bed and kissed a picture of Luke Hemmings, the lead singer.

"One day, you'll realize I exist." She exclaimed with a sigh.

"And then we'll be married and have had 5 kids. Hahahahaha." She continued laughing.


Andy and Rose had finally arrived at the concert, and walked in. Rose stared in awe at all the merchandise, while Andy looked around for the band members. No luck for her but, Rose bought a shirt and was excited which put a smile on Andreas face.

"...And I know now that I'm so downnnnn.. HEYYY!" 5SOS sang.

"Alright we are gonna bring a wonderful fan on stage to sing Heartbreak Girl with us. Screammmmm for a shot to be up here!" Luke had yelled with happiness.

At that moment, Andy started screaming at the top of her lungs, practically losing her voice when someone grabbed her wrist and pulled. She quiet down for a moment and was stunned. Luke Hemmings had pulled her on stage and was now staring into her eyes.

"Hey! Great screaming. You must really love us aha." Was all he said before handing her the mic.

Then the music started playing and Andy forgot all about the crowd. She started singing and all the band members dropped there mouths open. Andrea had a beautiful singing voice but never showed it off because she thought she sucked. Everyone went quiet and stared. She kept going until she realized everyone was silent and looked to see why. When she saw, she blushed, set the microphone down, and jumped off stage. Luke looked and started to go after her until a crowd of fans stopped him.


"You were amazing Andy! I never knew you could sing!" Rose had exclaimed.

"Yeah haha. I always thought I sucked but gues not.." Andy had replied while scratching her head.

"Hey!!! You! Wait up!" A man had shouted towards the girls.

When they both turned they saw the Luke Hemmings running towards them and stopped with wide eyes.

"What's your name? You were incredible!" Was all he could manage to say while huffing for air.

"I-I'm Andrea-a but call me A-a-andy." Andy stuttered out.

Luke then stared into her eyes and smiled genuinely. Andy then did the same while Rose looked at them both and squealed with joy.

"Um.. I wanted to give you my number. It's in case you want to start a record. You are really amazing Andrea." He said while handing Andy the number.

"W-wow thank you Luke. And you can call me Andy if you want. It seems easier haha." Andy replied while trying to be cool.

Luke nodded and gave her one quick smile then ran back to the tour bus. Andy stared down at the number with a huge grin on her face like a kid in a candy store. Rose then managed to let out another squeal but this one being ALOT louder.

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