The Life of a Fangirl


1. Sunrise

Andrea awoke from her sleep at 6:00 AM. She slammed her fist down on her alarm clock almost breaking it again.

"Ughhhhh.. It's so early. Why does school have to be mandatory." She groaned as she shuffled to her bathroom.

She started to get ready when she stopped and looked in the mirror. She glanced at herself strangely as if there was something wrong, but she couldn't quite put her finger on it.

"Shit! I almost forgot!" She said to herself as she turned on her speaker and grabbed her phone.

"Time to play so music. Hahaha." GWas all she said after. Then the sounds of 5SOS started to play and her morning had gotten 10X better.

Once she finished her whole beauty routine, straightening her hair, putting on a cat eye and lashes, she quickly changed into her favorite hoodie and black leggings. Andrea called up her best friend Rose shortly after and they met up and went to school.

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