The Life of a Fangirl


2. Next Stop.. Hell

Just as the girls approached Wildcat Canyon High, they were also approached by the "Lovelys", or that's what they were called. The Lovelys were a group of the schools most popular girls.. Almost like the plastics from Mean Girls, but imagine them more slutty and way dumber.

Lucy was the leader and captain of the cheerleading team. She was also the richest girl in the whole school. She had light brown wavy hair, hazel eyes, and a mole right above her lip. She was pretty but had the ugliest attitude.

Laney was the student body president. You would think with that role, she'd dress like a 60 year old virgin, but she wore her short skirts and crop tops like any other stripper at a club. She had medium length platinum blonde hair, brown eyes, and freckles that reached from one ear to the other. She may have seemed like a saint but she was a HUGE sinner.

Then there was Lexi. Lexi was the smartest girl at the school. She was first befriended by the Lovelys as a joke, but soon after the makeover Lucy and Laney gave her, both physical appearance and personality, she was accepted as one of them. Lexi before the transformation was cute girl with black hair in pigtails, blue eyes, and glasses. Not to forget she also had braces. Then Lucy and Laney changed her to have long curly black hair, her blue eyes the same but now she wore contacts, and invisiline to block her old "brace-face" out.

"Well hello Andrea and Rachel." Lucy said as she glanced at Andrea.

"Hi Lucky Strike and her group of hoes. Also just a FYI, her name is Rose. Get it right." Andrea had replied with a snare.

Lucy was given the name Lucky Strike by Rose and Andrea because of her tendency to sleep with every guy at the school. Lucy and Andrea actually were friends before there feud. At age 8, Andrea and Lucy were close and would always hang out with each other. Peas in a pod their mothers would say. Lucy was actually very sweet until she unleashed her hell demon side on new girl (at the time) Rose at age 11. Rose would be bullied by Lucy non-stop until one day, Andrea stood up for Rose and fought Lucy at 12 years old. Andrea won leaving her with some hair missing and a black eye.

"A-Andy.. Let's just go to Ms. Petes. O-o-ok?" Rose had managed to stutter out.

"Yeah fine. Whatever." Andy could only say as both walked away to find home room.

Unfortunately, all the Lovelys were in Andreas home room but luckily Rose was safe from the bullying. Rose had short dirty blonde hair, green doe eyes, and moles on her cheeks. She was shy and timid, very soft spoken. She was extremely smart as well but never showed it off. Andrea or "Andy" was a complete opposite. She had extremely long dark brown hair that was always straight, Amber eyes, and always wore a signature cat eye and long lash extensions. She wasn't the smartest but was about average.

Andy sighed in her class knowing it would be a long day.

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