The daughter of a CEO is an undercover secret agent who falls in love with a former ex-boyfriend who turned into a wanted man.


2. Just Like High School

“Nick didn’t give you the suspect’s name?” asked Tristan. He set down two plates on the dining table. Henderson’s first name was Nick. I was one of the few close agents he trusted to know his true name. I only told Tristan because he was the closest person I had as a best friend, including Nate of course. I shook my head and said that it must’ve been mentioned in the file that I briefly looked over. “I’m heading to the agency today and start my search for the guy.” I took a bite of my food and drank my coffee. Tristan joined me at the table and started on his breakfast. He warned me to be careful around these kinds of people. I filled Tristan in on what I had to do, which was bring the suspect to the FBI. I finished my breakfast, promising to Tristan that I’ll be looking out for myself and kissed him on the cheek before heading out. I parked the car in the lot of the agency and entered through the doors. I took out my phone to call my dad that I won’t be showing up at work for a few days. I explained to him that I was called into the agency this morning to discuss some classified information. Madison approached me as soon as I put my cellphone away. She told me that everything was all set up and ready for me to head out. I thanked her. She handed me the car keys to one of the cars used by the agents here.

I headed out to the garage where the agency’s cars were parked. There were four motorcycles for the four agents that preferred them. I wasn’t one of them, but it was fun to drive a motorcycle. Though, they weren’t Harley-Davidson motorcycles. These were the Yamaha brand. I unlocked the door to the BMW and got in. I started the car and drove out of the garage. Henderson had suggested to me to go to the last place where our suspect was seen and ask around for any witnesses. I decided to drive to the locations where the suspect has stolen from and asked about him. A lot of witnesses have discussed with me about the man’s actions. Of course, they don’t mention his name. Some information I have received weren’t very helpful, especially with some women describing to me about what they fantasized about when they encountered the man. I found this to be odd, only because I knew the man as a criminal. I couldn’t picture him as anything different. A questioned occurred to me, leading me to ponder on the thought of the man being something other than a criminal. What if he was a lawyer, doctor, or a business tycoon? What if he was an engineer or pilot?

How did he get into the life of crime? What would make a simple man turn into someone like this? The valuable information I received from other witnesses were of places he was going to. They would also give me the name of one of the man’s contacts, including their number. I arrived at a small café and parked before entering. I needed some coffee after a long day of driving around the city. Just as I was about to pay for my order, I spotted a man entering through the doors. He fit the description of the person I was looking for. He wore dark Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses. He wore a green army jacket, black V-neck shirt and silver dog tags around his neck. When he took off his glasses, his eyes were an emerald green. It was then I recognized the man as Dean Winchester, my ex-boyfriend. “I’ll have what she’s having. Keep the change.” Dean held out a 10 dollar bill to hand over to the barista. I couldn’t say anything else but stand there with a look on my face that must’ve reminded him of the way I looked in high school.

“Winchester. Dean, what are you doing here?” I cleared my throat. He chuckled lightly and walked over to an empty table. He motioned for me to join him. Reluctantly I walked over and sat across from him. It had been 10 years since Dean and I have seen each other. I wonder what he has been doing this entire time. “Alexis David, how long has it been? Ten years? Time sure flies.” Dean set his sunglasses on the table. We were brought our coffees. I started visiting this cafe when I was a senior in high school and would always order a mocha. I nodded in agreement but didn’t say anything. I noticed a car that was parked outside beside mine. “’67 Chevy Impala.” He caught me staring. I couldn’t help myself when it came to Classic cars. They were a rare commodity to come by these days. I took a sip of my drink. 

“You own that car?” Dean had a bad reputation for stealing. Though, I don't remember him ever getting caught. He smiled, knowing that I would always assume the wrong with him. I couldn’t forgive him one-hundred percent for what he did to me then. Of course, the break up was 10 years ago. I shouldn’t be holding a grudge for that long, but he was my first love. Sure Tristan was my best friend, but there was something about Dean that I liked and instantly fell for. It wasn’t long after that I realized what Dean had would be my downfall. I was blindsided. I read his intentions for me completely wrong. I knew he would never feel that way about me or about any girl he’s ever been with. “You think I stole the car? No, it’s… it was my dad’s.” He looked down at his cup. I glanced down to see that he had finished his cup while I barely touched mine. I was spending too much of my time thinking about the past rather than thinking about the now. “Was?” asked I. He nodded and explained to me that his dad had passed away a few months ago. It was just him and his brother. He added that he hadn’t seen his brother in what seemed like years to him. I reached out and touched his hand to tell him that I was sorry and gave him my condolences. I knew that his mom had passed away when he was younger and how he could only remember so much about her. “What have you been up to since high school?” He switched topics. I could tell that he didn’t want to talk about his dad.

I only met his dad a few times while Dean and I were dating. I never questioned Dean about his relationship with his dad. It didn’t sound pleasant by the tone of his voice. I dare didn’t pry. “I work at my dad’s company. I interned there before landing a permanent job.” Like Dean, my mom passed away when I was young as well. It’s what we had in common. 

“How are you liking the company?”

“I love it. I get my own office and everything. What about you?”

“Traveling. After high school, I packed up my stuff and went from State to State. The only reason why I’m here in Vegas was for my dad’s funeral. If I had known you were still here, we could’ve caught up sooner. Actually, I tried to reach you.”

“I changed my number and left my dad’s house when I got enough money to get an apartment.” I finished my mocha before telling him that I had to leave. He suggested that we exchanged numbers. I was already standing when he asked. I was hesitant to agree. I couldn’t exactly trust him. When I didn’t say anything, he apologized. “Sorry, force of habit. If we run into each other again, maybe we could exchange numbers.” I nodded and told him that I’d think about it. I bid him goodbye before heading back to the car. I sat in my car for just a minute. I had sent myself a copy of the file to my email. I opened it up and looked for the name of the suspect. The second I saw the name, my heart stopped for a milli-second. I hadn’t noticed it the first time. Dean’s name was printed across the page on the first line. I lifted the top page and saw his rap-sheet. The list when on and on. I couldn’t believe it. I decided to keep my mouth shut. I couldn’t tell Tristan. A knock sounded on the driver’s window, which made me jump. I closed the file and looked over to see it was Dean. He’s still here? I rolled down the window. “Hey, do you want to have dinner tonight?” asked he.

Every bone and muscle in my body was deciding against having dinner with a man that I’m supposed to be taking in for an arrest to be made, but I instinctively agreed. Dean smiled and asked me to give him my number, which I reluctantly did. “Should I pick—“

“I’ll meet you.”

“Great. I’ll text you the address.” With that being said, Dean walked back to his car. I waited until he got in and drove away before letting out a sigh of relief. I started the car and drove to the agency. I parked the car and got out. When I headed up to the main floor, Tristan was just entering through the doors. “Tristan, you shouldn’t be here.” I approached him and gave him a quick hug. He told me that he wanted to see me and suggested that he take me out for dinner. I thought about Dean’s invitation to have dinner with him. I told him that I had to stay late for work, but I’ll have dinner with him tomorrow. Silently I hoped that Tristan wouldn’t suspect anything, but he did. He knew me too well. I couldn’t hide anything from him. “What do you have to do that’s much more important than having dinner with your boyfriend? I mean staying late at the agency doesn’t seem all that fun.” 

“An old friend from high school invited me to have dinner with them. I haven’t seen them in years; and I think now’s the time that we caught up on what we have been doing since then.” It was almost an honest statement. I didn’t mention gender, so Tristan wouldn’t jump to assumptions. For example, Tristan didn’t like it when I talked or hung out with other guys. I was thankful that he accepted my answer. Later that evening, I had gotten dressed and was driving to the address Dean had texted me. When arrived, the place was very familiar to me. Though, I couldn’t remember the last time I was even here. I saw the Impala parked out in front of the restaurant. I assumed Dean was waiting for me inside. When I entered, my gaze immediately caught his. There he sat, waiting for me in the booth all dressed up. I haven’t seen him dressed like this before. He almost looked like a business entrepreneur, but with the added criminal aspect. I walked over to the booth and joined him. “I already ordered us some drinks; and I remembered your favorite dish.” said Dean.

Dean was acting as if he wanted to make up for lost time. I know the kind of person he was. What I was unaware about was what he was capable of doing now. People change in 10 years; and I believe that Dean Winchester most definitely has changed. It was from the way he walked and how he presented himself. There was a part of me that was genuinely afraid that he was a different person altogether. Also, a part of me was still betting on the fact that he was the same Dean I fell in love with. The one that cared about his younger brother. “Why did you decide to take me out to dinner?” Our orders were brought to our table. I had asked him the question when I started on my food. I was carefully watching his movements. He gave a slight shrug and said that it had been a while since we had last spoken. “I wanted us to reconnect. Is that so bad?” asked he. I swallowed my food and followed with a sip from my drink. I shook my head slightly. I was suddenly nervous being around him, only because I was dining with a wanted criminal. I was worried he might pull out a knife or a gun as soon as we leave the restaurant. We were at the place for almost an hour before he paid.

My heart raced against my chest. The two of us stood and walked towards the entrance. I was half-expecting for him to do one of the above, but he did neither. Instead, he held the door open for me. Politely I thanked him before heading out in the direction my car. “Alexis,” Dean paused. I looked at him and found myself staring into his green eyes. For just a minute, the thought of Dean being a criminal was washed away. He was still the same Dean that I had fallen for long ago, except he was a more mature version of the young 15-year-old. “I had a great time. I uh… I wasn’t sure if you’d actually agree to come to dinner tonight, especially after what happened.” He looked down. I could breathe a little now that he turned his gaze away from mine. I still felt a bit flushed when he said my name. I nodded and cleared my throat before speaking. “Everything that has happened between us occurred in the past. We’ve grown since then I hope.” Once again, our eyes met. Everything seemed to disappear. Dean smiled softly and nodded slightly. 

“I’ll see you around Alexis.” He proceeded to walk back to his car. I waited until he got in and drove away. My eyes followed the Impala down the street until the tail lights disappeared into the darkness. Just as I was standing there, I couldn’t help but think about the sudden rush of emotions that swept over me earlier tonight. It was almost the way I had felt towards him in high school. Actually, it was just the same. I was beginning to fall for Dean all over again.

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