My favorite youtuber

oh how I've been falling for Dan Howell, but will i ever get to meet him? And if i do will he think i'm weird? I mean what the heck, he probably wont even remember my name.


14. Vidcon

  *Time skip*

The American tour is nearly over, Dan Phil and I are exhausted, we have been moving around so much, i cant wait to get home. 

Today is Vidcon. My first ever vidcon, i'm really nervous, i pace up and the awfully hospital like hotel room to calm my nerves, Dan, Phil and I are waiting for Cat (who i have never met before) to pick us up. "Nat, baby calm down" Dan says worried "i'm fine" i say "come here" Dan says, as i slowly walk over to him i glance in the mirror and realise that..that i actually like how i look for once. Dan has made me feel so special, like i actually matter to the world and i guess that has made me see that i am beautiful in my own way, i smile and walk over to Dan, he opens his arms for me to embrace him, and i do. 

We stand there hugging until Phil yells "CAT IS HERE" and we break apart and i pout "i love you, your gonna be great today, all your fans are coming out to see you and i'm gonna be with you every step of the way. Your gonna meet other amazing you tubers that your gonna get along with so well, just remember i'm awkward too" he says laughing, i giggle and kiss him "how much do you love me?" i ask "from here to here"he holds his hands out but they don't really do anything" i didn't know what to so i kissed him, shrugged it off and smiled. "ARE YOU GUYS COMING" Phil yells from the door "we're coming" i say back, i grab my bag that i already packed, i take on last look at myself to see if my outfit was okay, my reflection shows me wearing a tight black dress with black platforms, a smoky eye shadow thing going on and a smile, for once i was happy. 

As soon as we pulled up fans have been going crazy, Dan intertwines our hands and we set off walking into the back off the arena, Dan points over at some people and waves, look up to Dan then look at our hands intertwined, i smile and try to shake of the nerves that are bubbling in my stomach. "Are you going up to do a panel" i ask nervously "i am" he says "cool, one small question, what do i do while your up there?" i ask "well people in that email you got it said your going to be having your own meet up place so i am assuming that's gonna take a while.Then go to a after party, then get food if we're still hungry and take it back to our hotel, how does that sound?" 

"sounds great," i smile "come over here, i want you to meet someone" Dan says pulling my hand a little. "Louise, Natalie, Natalie, Louise" Dan says giving Louise a hug "OMG its so nice to finally be meeting you, Dan talk about you all the time,on the phone, through text, EVERYWHERE, oh and i looove your videos" she says pretty excited "thank you so much, i mean your videos are so much better than mine, and i am far more awkward then you two combined" i say "we can be awkward together" she hugs me tightly, but its comforting, my first you tube friend. 

"I love you" i say to Dan as Louise is dragging me away to meet other people before my meet a greet "i love you more" he yells to my back, i look back and blow a kiss, he waves as i turn my head so i don't fall over.

"Natalie, i am sure you know who Zoe is" Louise says smiling at Zoe "i do, and its pleasure to meet you" i say hugging Zoe "you too, i have heard a lot about you" "oh" i say tilting my head to the side like a confused dog, Zoe and Louise introducing me to heaps more people like Joe Sugg, Connor Franta, Miranda sings etc. 

"Lets get you to your meet and greet shall we" Louise says "we shall" i smile "thank you" i say "you are very welcome, here's my number, call me if you need anything, i will be here when you and Dan go for your big meet up, we're gonna be great friends" she says smiling "we shall" i say again "Natalie?" someone calls "yes! that's me" i say "are you ready for your meet and greet?" a tall man with neon yellow vest says "i am" i say smiling, i hug Louise and walk up man "my name is Marc, i am going to be assisting you today" Marc says with a smile "sounds good" i say smiling back, we start to walk into this room with red and black carpet.

 Marc tells me to do my final touches (like my makeup and all that jazz) so he can walk me into the meet and greet area, i put on another coat of mascara and i touch up my lipstick and give Marc a look, "you ready" he asks "as ready as i'll ever be" i say partly terrified and partly excited.

We walk into this huge room with thousands of people waiting to meet me, i hear screams of joy as i wave at everyone, those butterflies that we're in my tummy are gone. I was meant to be here.

I take photos with everyone that comes through, i even get given small gifts sometimes, i love meeting my viewers, it makes me so happy and brings so much joy to me that i a effecting so many people. "Thank you" i say to Marc "no worries, it was a pleasure being your body guard for the day" "thanks again, have fun at vidcon" i say, as i turn to leave he grabs my arm, he pulls me in and kisses my lips, i push him away. "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?" i scream not caring who hears me "just giving you a little kiss" he grins and tries to pull me in again when i kick him in the chin, i run like never before, i just wanted to get out of there as fast as i could.

I call Louise, "hello Louise, its Natalie, sorry to bother you but do you know where i could find Dan?" i must sound scared or shocked  because she replies with "Natalie are you okay? and yes Daniel is with Phil and I, we will come get you" "um...y-yeah i'm fine, it would be great if you could come get me, i am near (somewhere?)" i say "be there in a sec" she hangs up and i take a sip from my water i was given earlier in the day. 

"There you are" I hear a voice say, i turn to see Louise, Dan and Phil "yep i'm here" i say awkwardly "are you okay?" Dan kisses my lips softly "yeah...just some creepy body guard" i say look at my feet "what did he do?" Dan says getting really defensive "just being a dick, he tried to make out with me but i kicked him in the shin and ran" "'i'm gonna kill him" Dan says furiously "NO Daniel" i say sternly "fine but if we see him you have to point him out, i will break his nose" he adds "i would pay to see that" Louise says giggling "me too" i say laughing. "How was the meet and greet?" Phil asks "great, i love meeting my viewers, they're so kind and sweet" i smile "anyway lets get to this after party" i say. 

We walk down a hallway with blue and green lights beaming thorough a room at the end, "is that it?" i ask "you bet" Dan says, we walk in and get greeted by heaps of people, "i'm gonna go hand with Zoe and Louise" i say to Dan over the music "okay, love you" he kiss my lips and i walk off. 

"Want a drink?" Zoe asks "i would love one" i say, i grab a glass of champagne from the table next to us and sit down, "so how is living with Dan and Phil" Louise asked "well its pretty good, sometimes it does get a bit lonely, especially when i have no friends that are girls that live near us, but other than that, its great" i smile. "Well you can hang out with us anytime, that reminds me, do you wanna come out with us when we all get back to England, i'm till not sure how to get around here's England is much better" Louise say "i would love to" i grin "great, but right now lets get dancing" Louise says and before i know i am being pulled onto the dance floor,  well that's all i remember.


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