My favorite youtuber

oh how I've been falling for Dan Howell, but will i ever get to meet him? And if i do will he think i'm weird? I mean what the heck, he probably wont even remember my name.


16. The extra special show

*time skips a day* 

"BABEEEEEEE" i scream from the bathroom as i apply my mascara

"yes?" Dan walks into the bathroom with a confused face, "Tonight is your last show, are all your things packed?" i ask packing up my make up "yep." 

I walk out of the bathroom to see Dan wearing a white bottom up shirt and black skinny jeans, he looks oddly good, not that he doesn't in general but today he looks especially good.

"Natalie we're gonna go out to celebrate the last show, so wear something nice" i smile at him as i walk over to my suitcase, i pull out a black skin tight dress with a v cut, i grab my black heels to match the dress.

"Are you wearing that to the meet and greet and show?" i ask "indeed i am" he says, i peck his cheek and i start to pull off my shirt, i'm left there standing in my lace bra and black lace underwear. Dan glances over, he walks over to me and wraps his enormous arms around me "i love you so much" he says into my neck "i love you too you hobbit haired twat" i laugh at my own joke,"hey!" Dan whines "i'm just kidding."

~Time skip brought to you by Dil!

"We're leaving in 5" i look at Phil and smirk "last show ay?" "yeah, i'm really sad but i can't wait to get home," "yeah me too" with that he smiles at me. 

"I'll be back in a sec" Dan yells "where are you going?" i ask "don't worry," he leaves the room. Where is he going? i wonder..'pfft i must not worry, your too stressed already, Natalie and he loves you, he wont do anything stupid' i think to myself.

Dan gets back and nods at Phil, i'm so confused? what are they hiding? oh well it doesn't matter.

"Hop in on the left"  Dan says to me, so i do, we sat in a awkward silence for majority of the car ride until Phil says "Natalie, tonight watch from the wing and watch the show, its going to be extra special because you know it's the last show and everything" "ah okay cool, i will."

Dan moves his hand onto mine and smiles at me, i feel all warm inside, his smile brightens my day and his voice makes me weak, it's safe to say this is the happiest iv'e ever been. 

"5,4,3,2,1, go" i kiss Dan and give Phil a hug as the song from the pre show playlist ends and Dan and Phil walk on stage, "this is it" "the tour is over after tonight" i quietly say to myself, i'm really sad that its ending but there are gonna be so many more things to look forward when we get back, try to make myself feel better by thinking that.

~Time skipity skip skip~

It's nearly the end of the show and i'm smiling like a huge idiot, "Natalie i know you're in the wind of the stage, do you wanna come out?" Dan says into his mic piece, i walk out with a confused look on my face, i stare at Dan in his gold suit, he has sweat dripping from his forehead and he is red like a tomatoes but he is still looks better then i will ever look. 

Dan gets down on one knee, i feel tears forming in my eyes "Natalie, i love you more than i love myself, you are my everything and you might not see you it but you are perfect. I have no idea how this" he points to himself "ended up dating someone as beautiful and caring as you, will you make me the happiest man in the world and say yes?" Dan pulls out a black box and opens it, i see a diamond ring in it, i start to cry and the crowd goes crazy "Natalie, will you marry me?" Dan asks "of course" i say crying and jumping into his arms, i kiss him on the lips and wipe away the tears from my eyes.

"Thank you all for coming out tonight, we hope to see you all soon, we are Dan and Phil and this is the last show of the American tour, thank you" Dan and Phil say in sync, they hug and wave goodbye, i wave as well and i fast walk off stage to be greeted by Dan, my soon to be husband. 

~ohhh so Dan and Natalie are getting married, also sorry i haven't updated in a while, also thank you for all the reads i really appreciate, i love you guys xx also i went to the Melbourne Tatinof, IT WAS AMAZING (pun intended) i'm so proud of Dan and Phil.~ 




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