My favorite youtuber

oh how I've been falling for Dan Howell, but will i ever get to meet him? And if i do will he think i'm weird? I mean what the heck, he probably wont even remember my name.


11. the day of nothing

 "Babe we have nothing planned for today so we can what we like" Dan says making himself a coffee 

                                                    ~Warning some sexual content in this chapter~

"okay well i was thinking of making a video and then we can grab lunch with Phil or something?"

"sure, can i be in your video?" 

"of coarse" i say kissing his cheek.

 I set up my camera and sit on the edge of the bed, "hey guys, i'm back and i'm in America" i say gesturing out the window and making a weird face "i'm also with this punk" i say as Dan falls onto the bed" 

"hey guys" he says making an ugly face i giggle and continue  

"i see that some people don't really support my relationship with Dan and i'm here to tell you that i don't care." i shake my head "i'm happier than i have ever been with Dan and youtube, i have amazing friends and i'm happy so if you want to hate me because of that then go ahead." 

"I really hope you guys understand that we are happy and we love each other" Dan adds 

"right, so i hope you guys respect out choices" i say with a smile

"now to leave on a high note i have news... i'm coming to vidcon" i scream and throw my hands up "so if you want to met me and you live in america this is your chance, but who knows there might be more chances but just to make sure you can purchase tickets now. Links in the description, i love you all so much have a great week" i say blowing a kiss, me and Dan both wave and he kisses me on the cheek and i stop recording. 

"I'm gonna edit later" i say, Dan pins me down onto the bed and start kissing down my neck "where's Phil?" 

"he meet up with some friends so we have the room to ourselves" he says as grabs my hips "amazing" i whisper in his ear. Dan slips his hand under my shirt and i wince at how cold his hands are but i but i get used to it, i unbutton his pants and take my top off and pants, Dan stares at me with passion in his eyes. I crawl over to Dan who has already gotten naked and is lying in bed with the sheets over him, i crawl under the sheets and he gets on top of me, he says "you ready?" and i nod impatiently, he thrusts into me and i scream, his thrust get faster and faster until he cums, he slips off the condom and collapses beside me. 'That was great" i say getting my breath back "it was" he smiles, after about ten minutes of lying down getting our breath back i say "i'm going to have a shower" "i'm joining" he say loudly as i have trotted of to the bathroom "even better" i say. 

   ~after our shower~ Phil gets back and i greet him then i say "do you guys wanna go grab lunch?" they both agree, i get my platforms on and grab mt sunglasses and wallet, we walk to the cafe and eat over a conversation of how i started watching their channels.

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