My favorite youtuber

oh how I've been falling for Dan Howell, but will i ever get to meet him? And if i do will he think i'm weird? I mean what the heck, he probably wont even remember my name.


9. The arrival

 ~skips fight~

 "babe we're here" Dan shakes me awake 

"oh, okay" i say rubbing my eyes and unbuckling my seat belt, i grab my carry on bags and take Dan's hand and head off the plane, when we got off the plane we walked through to the main bit of the airport to see so many fan's waiting for Dan and Phil, my jaw drops and i turn to Dan and "wow, does this always happen?" 

"sometimes, it depends were we are"

"oh okay, when we get back to the hotel i need to film and edit some stuff"

"okay, can i be in your new video?" 

"sure" i say still walking hand in hand with Dan.  

We get stopped for about 20 minutes to take photos, they even want to take photos with me, but i guess that's because i'm  Dan and also my YouTube channel is getting pretty big, I've nearly hit 1 million subs. 

                                                                                 ~skips to the hotel~

 I flop onto one of the beds as soon as Phil opens the door "i'm so tired" i screech

"me too" Dan says flopping down next to me 

"do you guys wanna order food?" Phil says with a smile

"yessssss, i'm starving" Dan and I say in sync 

"cool, what do you guys want?"

"pizza?" i say shaking my shoulders

"sounds good" Phil says.

 The pizza arrives and we all fall into conversation until i get a call 


person-Hi is this (youtube name that the character has) ?


person- well this is youtube and we would like to invite you to 2016 vidcon?

me-omg really?

person-yes, we have sent you a email, you can post about on all your social medias and whatever you like see you in 4 weeks

me-thank you, see you there.

"Who was that?"

"youtube/vidcon people"


"yeah, i'm coming to vidcon" i say kissing Dan on the cheek and hugging Phil 

"that's amazing" Phil screams 

"thank you, also i think i'm gonna go to bed, i'm really tired"

"me too" Dan says. 

"Goodnight Phil" i say hugging him goodnight 

"sleep well"  he says, i get on some fabric shorts and a singlet, i put my hair up in a messy bun and snuggle into Dan's chest, i feel myself fall asleep in Dan's arms, i smile into his chest before falling into a slumber of dreams. 

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