My favorite youtuber

oh how I've been falling for Dan Howell, but will i ever get to meet him? And if i do will he think i'm weird? I mean what the heck, he probably wont even remember my name.


15. lazy days


Dan- we only have 2 more shows? where has time gone? Dan texts me 

Me- Dan,you know your one room away from me right?

Dan- oh...right

Dan comes into the bedroom and wraps his big arms around me, he gently places a kiss on my head, "time has gone so fast" Dan whispers "i know, it's been great meeting everyone and watching your shows non stop, but i cant wait to get home. I miss my bed." I giggle "me too" Dan says letting go of me and checking his phone.

Phil comes out of his room, he grabs a glass of water and sits himself on the couch, "hey guys" he finally say "well hello Phil, haven't seen you all day" Dan says in a bitter tone "well Natalie and you were asleep till about 12:00 and i have been checking emails and sorting some things out for you DAN" Phil says glaring at Dan. "Ah..yes, thank you" Dan says rubbing his neck, i thought it was a bit weird but i decide to shrug it off.

As i hop out of the shower i hear the door open, i quickly grab my towel before they can see anything "its okay, its just me" Dan assures me "i have to straighten my hair for tonight even though its gonna by me sweating" he shakes his head. I drop my towel, Dan stops straightening his hair and looks at my body, i start to feel a little insecure so i put my arms around my body "baby, your beautiful, don't be feel insecure, i love you" he wraps his arms around my naked body, i kiss his lips and giggle a little. Dan lets me go and continues straightening his hair and i proceed to get into my pajamas which was a over sized shirt and some fabric shorts.

"Natalie, our car is here, we will see you later, make sure you eat, text me if you need anything" he hugs me and kisses my lips "wont need to" i let go and i go over to hug Phil "good luck guys" i say enthusiastically "thank you, bye" they say in sync, they exit the hotel room and i call room service to order dinner, i order pizza and ice cream because i'm cool like that.

My food arrives and i take it into the living room along with my laptop and phone, i get myself comfy on the couch and i open my laptop, i open up Youtube and i find myself typing in 'danisnotonfire,' i click on the first video that pops up, i have watched all his videos in the past, i guess i just felt like watching them again.

I felt tears running down my face as i watch 'The Making of The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire,' i couldn't help not crying, i was so proud of both of them. 

i check my phone to see it's 11, i don't know why i was tired already, i brushed it off and continued watching you tube, after about ten minutes everything goes blurry, i put my head on arm rest and drift asleep not even turning of my laptop.

"Shhh Phil, Natalie is sleeping" i whisper as i see Natalie lying on the couch looking perfect, i glance at her laptop to see she had been watching my old youtube videos, i smile at the sight, i turn off her laptop and i pick Natalie up bridal style to our room. I lie her down and i put the duvet over her, she look so peaceful, i'm so in love with her, i  plant a kiss on her head and whisper "goodnight Natalie" as i went to walk out i hear "goodnight Dan" coming from Nat i smile and i walk out to join Phil who had ordered food.



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