My favorite youtuber

oh how I've been falling for Dan Howell, but will i ever get to meet him? And if i do will he think i'm weird? I mean what the heck, he probably wont even remember my name.


12. interviews and more

 *BEEP BEEP BEEP* Dans alarm goes off and i roll over and puts the pillow over my head, i grunt and roll over to see a sleepy Dan rubbing his eyes "morning" i whisper "morning" he slowly says 

"your first american tatinof is tonight, excited?" 

"of coarse" Dan exclaims "don't forget your coming on stage for a bit"

"okay, sounds good to me, but are they gonna like me?" i say "yes babe, don't worry" he rolls over and kisses my forehead.

2 hours later

"Our car is here, Natalie" 

"okay" i say as i take one last look in the mirror, i'm wearing a black crop top with a denim jacket and some black jeans, Dan, Phil and I are going to some youtuber interview, it's like a get to know you thing and its my very first interview so i'm a bit nervous. "You look great!" Phil exclaims "as do you" i say gesturing to his outfit.

The uber pulls up to a red and black building  and i can tell its where we are doing the interview and i start sweating, i whip out my phone and text my mum

me-about to enter the building for my interview and i'm really worried

mum-sugar plum your going to rock, i love you xx

me- thank you, i love you too xx talk later.

"You ready?" Dan smiles

"no, but i'm dong this anyway" i say smiling through my nerves "your gonna do amazing, I love you" 

"i love you too," we enter the tall black and red building and get greeted by  tall man named Caspar (not the youtuber) and a women with blonde hair an blue eyes, her name is Hope, they take us into this room that's decorated with posters, pillows cute chairs and fairy lights. I'm pretty sure there going for the tumblr vibe.

We start filming and i'm sitting there uncomfortably while they are asking Dan and Phil questions until Hope says with a smile "whats it like living with Dan and Phil?" "well i only moved in a few weeks ago but so far its been okay, every now and then i hear Dan yelling at Phil for eating is cereal" i say giggling. "His cereal is tasty though" Phil whines with a smile "anyway how is youtube going, Natalie?" "great, i have been getting alot of subscribers lately and i have been invited to vidcon this year which is amazing" "thats great to hear, would you like to say anything to your subscribers that might watch this?" Hope says  "i do. I would love to say thank you for everything, thank you for supporting me and my choices, thank you for actually watching my videos and thank you for subscribing an putting up with me" i say with a huge smile on my face.

We stop recording and they thank us for coming in and we thank them for having us, then we leave in this black shiny car that picked us up, "well that was fun" Phil says "yeah.." Dan says looking out of the window into the warm but chilly day :ah so what are we doing today?" i say "well Phil was thinking lunch then shopping? we can do whatever you want" he says moving around in his seat "shopping sounds good." 

We pull up to the big shopping center and we pile out of the car one by one "where do you want to eat?" 

"i'm not really hungry, but i need coffee" i say with a very serious face before i start laughing, Phil then starts laughing with me and Dan tries to keep a straight face then cracks, i wipe away the tear that rolled down my face from laughing so hard and walk into the shopping center hand in hand with Dan.

"Can i please get a latte?" i say to the man at the counter "sure thing" he winks, he calls out my name and i grab my coffee, i walk over to Dan and we Phil and we head off shopping. 

"How about this?" Phil says coming out in a pair of black skinny jeans "they look all your other jeans?" Dan says confused "well i like them" i poke my tongue out at Dan "thank you Natalie" Phil says being sassy, "okay i'm gonna grab this and we can leave" Dan says "need anything else?" he asks "nope" i hold up the six bags i was carrying, all the bags held new clothes, make-up, shoes and some other things to take with me.

I flop onto the bed as soon as i get in the hotel door, "ugh i'm so tired" "me too, and Phil and I have our first American tatinof show tomorrow" Dan says. "Do you wanna watch from backstage?" Dan says "sure" i say smiling "great" Dan says taking his shirt off, i stare at his cute little tummy and smile, he takes his pants off, leaves his boxers on a gets in bed, i do the same but i let my panties on and i get on a random shirt i saw lying round, "goodnight baby" Dan says kissing my lips good night babe" i say back, "GOODNIGHT PHIL" Dan screams so Phil hears him from his room "goodnight Dan, goodnight Natalie" he says back, i fall asleep in Dan's arms and feel at home, i smile and fall dead asleep.




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