My favorite youtuber

oh how I've been falling for Dan Howell, but will i ever get to meet him? And if i do will he think i'm weird? I mean what the heck, he probably wont even remember my name.


10. hate mail...

 I wake up to the sunlight beaming through the room, i flicker my eyes open as i turn to see who's awake, it looks like i'm the first awake. I silently get out bed and grab my phone, i sit on one of the seats and go through all of my social media, i check my dms to see a message form a fan of Dan's because their icon is Dan with cat whiskers drawn on his face, I check the message to see horrifying word formed into mean sentences. The message says "Hey Natalie so basically all the Phandom knows your dating Dan and i just want you to know that your a worthless whore, no one likes you and i bet Dan's just dating you to make you feel good, or maybe he is being forced but whatever the case its pathetic." 

I stare at the screen in shock, i didn't know someone could be so disrespectful, then it hits me, what id Dan has been forced to date me? He did just tweet me randomly? i start to panic until i feel someone tough my shoulders, i turn to see Phil's face. "Hey, what going on?" 

"oh um...nothing, i just got a little early" 

"Natalie i've known you for a while know, i think i know when somethings up, spill" 

"Phil really it's nothing, i'm okay" i smile 

"well do you want to give me your phone so i can see? something obviously happened, i have never seen anyone throw there phone as fast as you did" i grab my phone and shake my head, i didn't want him to see it. He has a great connection with his fans and Dan's fan and i didn't want to spoil it even though its only this one time.

"Natalie please" he says pouting his lips "fine, check my twitter dms" i say handing him my phone, as he reads the words of the screen his eyes widens and his mouth drops "this is horrible, how could this person say such things?" 

"honestly it's fine and i'm probably gonna get a lot more where this came from, i mean i am dating Dan" i say with a concerned face. I start to worry if Dan actually loves me, i look up a Phil and realise that a tear was running down my cheek, i wipe it away and look away "Natalie talk to me, Dan is asleep and he isn't gonna wake up for a while"

"i'm not worried about the hate mail, that doesn't matter, but does Dan love me?" i say looking at the carpet 

"what? of coarse he does, i have never seen him this happy Natalie, what people say shouldn't effect you, don't listen to them Nat. He loves yo so much" he says almost crying "please don't listen to them, he loves you so much, there is so much spark between you two, its amazing to watch, i love you Nat, i love you as a sister and you need to trust me he loves you more than anything in the world." 

"Apart form you" i mutter through the tears, he giggles a bit and so do i, i notice Phil's eyes flicker up and look behind me, i turn to see Dan with his hobbit hair in tears, he must have heard a lot of our conversation, He opens his arms and smothers me in his warmth "never listen to them, i love you so much baby"

"i love you too" i say resting my head on his shoulder, he grabs my face a kisses me "don't ever think that." 

"I wont baby.

~sorry if its not great, also if anyone want to they can follow my twitter its @natalie_box, there's a lot Dan and Phil Natalie_hood~


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