My favorite youtuber

oh how I've been falling for Dan Howell, but will i ever get to meet him? And if i do will he think i'm weird? I mean what the heck, he probably wont even remember my name.


13. First American Tatinof

 I wake up to sleepy Dan, i roll over to check my phone and remember that today is the first American tatinof. I walk into the kitchen and see Phil making coffee "can you make me coffee as well" i pout my lips "yes" he smiles at me "are you ready for tatinof?" i ask "i am. But i'm pretty nervous" Phil hands me my coffee and leans against the hotels kitchen top "thank you" i say "don't be be nervous, there your fans, they love you guys"

"thanks Nat" he hugs me and i rest my head on his shoulder "i'm hungry" i whine, i lift my head from Phil's shoulder and turn around to make cereal, i reach up to grab the cheerios, then i walk over to the mini fridge an grab the milk, Phil and I eat in silence as he scrolls through tumblr.

Dan finally wakes up, "morning babe" he kisses my head as milk falls from my mouth, i giggle a little then say "morning." 

 We see large crowds of fans or as i like to call friends, we hop out the black car and a few fans take photos with us, "hello" i girl with black hair, brown eyes and cat whiskers on her face says "hello beautiful" i reply "how are you?" she says politely "very well, and you?" i say smiling while others wait for photo "much better now" she says almost in tears "oh please don't cry" i say wrapping my arms around her "thank you for everything" she says "no thank you" i say touching her hand "whats your name hun?" I say straight after, "Mollie" she replies "now what tickets do you have?" i ask "oh not great ones, i am sitting upstairs" she says disappointing "well now you have meet and greet tickets and you can hang out with Dan, Phil and I for a while." "Omg thank you" she says crying "come here, you can come back now" i grab her hand and Dan gives me a smile of happiness, like i was doing something right.

Dan, Phil, Mollie and I head into the venue, we all sit in Dan and Phil's dressing room and chat for a while, "so Mollie how old are you?" Dan asks "19" she replies "that's cool" he replies "yeah, i guess. I just wanna say i love your videos, all of you, they make me so happy" "thank you" Dan and Phil say in sync, they both hug her tightly and take selfies and all that jazz until Dan and Phil have 5 minutes until they need to be on stage. "Good luck baby" i kiss Dan on the lips and give Phil a hug "your gonna be on the side of the stage right?" Dan says "yep" "good, i love you" Dan says "i love you too, now get your ass up on that stage and make people have the best night of their lives, because i sure as hell did" i kiss him on the cheek and push him out the door "good luck Phil" i yell "thanks Nat" he yells back.

About 2 minutes later i hear loud screams, and i can tell their on stage now, i make my way to the side of the stage with a bit of help form one of the people at the venue "thank you" i say over the loud muffled screams of the fans, he nods and i sit on the side of the stage on this fold out chair that was there. 

"How were we?" Phil asks, while wiping away the sweat on his forehead, "better than i remember" i hug both of them and kiss Dan, "i enjoyed every bit of the show" "me too" Dan says "i'm so proud of you boys, you have no idea" i say nearly crying "thank you" Dan and Phil say almost in tears "i'm proud of us too" Phil exclaims "as you should be" i say hugging them both again. "Now go get changed and meet me at car, i'm hungry" "okay" Dan kisses me, i walk to the car letting the warm LA night hit my skin, i get stopped on the way to take photos with a few people and then i scurry off to the car, i get in and check my phone, people have been tweeting photos of selfies i have taken with people or photos of Dan and I. I re tweet a few things then look up to see 2 large men walk to the car, it's Dan and Phil, "what are we getting for dinner?" "Nando's?" i say "sure" they both say, we drive off into the warm night and get out at Nando's and order as much food as we possibly can. I sit in my seat stuffed to the limit and stare at Dan "yes?" he says "nothing, just thinking about how lucky i am" "mmm i see" he says "i love you" he says " i love you too." Dan, Phil and I pile into the car and get dropped off at our hotel, i fall asleep on the couch as i was scrolling through tumblr. I feel Dan pick my up bridal style and lie me down in bed, he kisses my forehead and whispers "good night my princess" i smile and fall asleep.

~sorry if it's not great~ Natalie-hood xx 

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