My favorite youtuber

oh how I've been falling for Dan Howell, but will i ever get to meet him? And if i do will he think i'm weird? I mean what the heck, he probably wont even remember my name.


7. dinner and surprises

 I finally get out of the shower and realise i have no idea what to wear, on the walk back i had forgot to plan what to wear so i text Dan 

Me- Are we going somewhere fancy? 

Dan- Yes, so dress up, i will pick you up a 7:30 xx 

Me- Okay see you then xx

 I tear my wardrobe apart until i find the perfect dress, its my prom dress from 7 years ago, its long black fabric comes down to my calf and it has a slit up the leg. It has small diamonds on the chest bit and you can see my cleavage but not too much which is good, i slip it over my head and look in the mirror, its even more beautiful than i remember, i'm stood in front of the with my jaw dropped. I really hope Dan likes it and i'm shocked that it still fits, i look at my phone and see that its 6:30 and i don't have long until Dan picks me up, i sit in front of the mirror and do my makeup, i go with the black eye shadow and i do my thing and boom, its pretty. I put on a dark purple lipstick and i contour to make my face look slimmer, i fill in my eyebrows and my makeup is done, now for the hair "i think i'm going to go with  natural curls" i say to my reflection, when my hair curler warms up i start to curl my hair ~30 minutes pass~ "done" i say, i check my phone to see that its 7:20 and Dan will be here soon. I get up from where i was sitting and get my black heels on, i got a small purse and put my keys, phone, phone charger and went into the kitchen. 

 *KNOCK KNOCK* i hear at the door, its must be Dan, i pick myself up and answer the door "wow"

"am i really that ugly?" i say sarcastically

"no.....your beautiful Natalie" he says blushing 
"thank you" i say giving him a twirl.

                                                                                ~we arrive at the restaurant~ 

 I take a sip from my wine when Dan says "Natalie, i took you here for a reason, i have a important question to ask you?" 

"and what is that question?" i say looking at him 

"okay well me and Phil have been talking and we we're wondering if you would like to come to the American tour with us?" he says grabbing my hand 

"American tour? yes? wait what?...sorry, of coarse, i would love to come"

"great, oh yeah sorry if i confused you, me and Phil are planning an American tour, its going to be awesome"

"well i cant wait babe" i say squeezing his hand.

we eat our food and head back to Dan and Phil's apartment, me and Dan get into some pj's and get into bed, Dan wraps his arms around my waist and i drift to sleep happily knowing that Dan is mine and i am special to have this amazing relationship with him. 




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