My favorite youtuber

oh how I've been falling for Dan Howell, but will i ever get to meet him? And if i do will he think i'm weird? I mean what the heck, he probably wont even remember my name.


6. Dan's house

                                                                 ~The next day~

 I walk in to the cafe and take a seat, i don't need to be at Dan's for another half and hour. "What can i get for you?" the waiter asks "1 latte please" i mutter "okay" he walks off happily, i pull out my phone and go through twitter, i stop when i see a picture of Dan and I sitting at the table yesterday. Lots of things are going through my mind like "i should have know this would happen" "am i gonna get lots of hate" but i decide to brush it off, the waiter brings over my coffee and i continue to look through social media whilst drinking my coffee. 

As i am about to leave i hear this small voice behind me "oh ah hi" the girl who looks about 17-18 says to me "why hello" i say back "i don't know if this is creepy but i saw that Dan tweeted you and i was wondering if i could get a picture?" she mutters shyly "of coarse, your the first person to ask me so i will remember this day" i smile we take the picture, i giver her a hug then i leave for Dan's.

 I walk up to the door and text Dan, he comes out greets me with a kiss on the check and a hug, i blush and look away, he grabs my hand and takes me inside "Hey Natalie!" Phil says loudly "Hello Phil um its amazing seeing you again" 

"you too" he says giving me a hug. 

'I never i would be Dan Howells girlfriend' 'i never thought i would be hugging Phil Lester either' i think to myself, 'STOP FAN GIRLING, THIS IS REALITY' i also think to myself. 

Dan takes me to his room, i sit down on his bed when he says to me "please make yourself at home, please" 

"i will" i say cheerfully looking at my feet, i take my shoes of at sit cross legged on his bed, he joins me, i lay my head on his legs and we fall into conversation until hours of the morning.

"So i was your world for 5 years" Dan asks 

"you still are" i correct him "you made me so happy and you still do, Dan" 

"thank you" he says giving me peck on the lips, i feel myself drift to sleep slowly on his lap, then all of a sudden i feel him shift my head onto a pillow and then he cuddles up behind me.

       ~the next morning~ 

I feel Dan's arms around my torso and i look over to see his sleepy face "morning baby" he mutters 

"Morning" i say wiping my face with my hands 

"i'm taking you to dinner tonight okay?" 

"sure" i say "but im going to need to go home and get ready" 

"oh coarse, oh and you might want to bring some clothes over here for when you crash here sometimes" 

"sounds good" i say taking the blankets off me. 

   ~Hey guys, hope your liking it so far? if so please like it and comment if i could approve on anything. Also you could follow me on my new Phan account on instagram: howelllester.k~




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