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  • Published: 30 Jun 2016
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This gives all information about the prediction of magics.
i think u should read this



They were up to the shark island now. They had reached near Shark Island which was a bit away from Phayra and Eagle's Nest. They were attacked a man or a Shark or we can say it was a Sharkman on the way to that island. He started attacking Peter and John, with same force Peter and John too attacked Shark man. Finally, with more force ever Sharkman attacked Peter and for the surprise it was dashed with Peter. George attacked Sharkman with all force he had and Sharkman was killed. John sailed the ship to the shore and tried  

To wake Peter up but all was in vain.  Finally, John moved a gem over the head of Peter and he woke up. George was happy.

                           They followed the map and collected all the gems, now they went to Shark magic to collect the Magic as they went near the cave a Sharkman again appeared and started attacking them this time they both were tired but still managed to attack Sharkman. Sharkman managed to go to the cave as he was badly injured, he came with some more Sharkman and combined themselves to be beca

me a giant monster. They couldn’t attack that monster as it was the better of all a man jumped out of the tree kicked that monster from back and took a stone from his bag and threw it towards that monster nothing happened that man made a shield and handled Peter and John on his shoulder and took them into the cave and those demons were freeze. That man helped Peter and George to sit down, Peter asked “who are you and why did you help us.” That man replied “I am Sam, an only person who could defeat Sharkman” George said “oh! Then you might have Shark Magic too.” “No! I know how to defeat that demon but not to achieve that Magic as I don’t have Water Magic” said Sam. They all entered and achieved Shark Magic. “Ok! Now we should go to Shark stone also to achieve it” said George. As they reached near Shark stone arrows marched, cannon balls attacked them Sam protected himself by creating a shield around him, Peter went over the sky and made those attacked arrows and cannon balls to attack the source of it, whereas George tried to get to the main source by rolling over the ground through a protected shield. George was not finding the main source. He was still moving ahead, in the meantime Peter asked Sam “from where did you get these powers.

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