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  • Published: 30 Jun 2016
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This gives all information about the prediction of magics.
i think u should read this




George was shocked to see the house in place of that Cave but not Peter but when they entered that house they both were shocked that they were into the world of dinosaurs when they were looking around they saw a bird which was one of the dinosaur came and stood in front of them, they didn’t take that ferry as they thought that it might be the trap of John and as they stepped ahead all the dinosaurs started shouting so they took the ferry and started flying alas! It was not the trap of John it was the ferry to palace which belonged to the Great Magician Smith.

                                                              Peter said “shall Magician smith welcome us” and the door opened and Magician Smith was standing before them, he steeped ahead the palace disappeared and the step and one by one all the dinosaur disappeared leaving behind a ground. Smith raised a tornado and sat before it. And he said “any special reason for coming here boys” Ron was talking to Peter which was not to be able to heard by George and Smith “He is a very aggressive person I remember him as I had given him some, magical powers” Ron came out of his body. Smith stepped out of the tornado and they saluted each other. Ron said “we both were in army with all the magicians as that time all magicians were given by our general Magician Smith would tell the story of the secret of Yellow Magic to these boys.” And Ron returned to the body of Peter. George was shocked that the great Magician in the front of them. Smith started his words, “when I was in army I used to be a healer. I had Magic which was created by me and Roger Ron. We couldn’t successfully create that Magic, and my grandfather defeated the opponent village and we were told to go and check whether the king is completely died and all other people are safe, we found that the people were safe and then we went toward the king’s palace to check whether the king was completely died and when we entered there we didn’t find the dead body and as we were searching we found the dead and body and along with it we also found something shinning in the corner of that palace and it was two gems that was shining I took a gem and the other I gave to Roger Ron. Ron started knocking the gem and alas it had cracks on it and there was another gem inside it and I took it and there were Yellow colored rays all around and then when we went to our private laboratory and when we entered there those Magic also entered in to my body and when I threw my hands ahead there were Yellow colored rays, so I gave the Magic the name ‘Yellow Magic’.”                        As they reached near that palace George said “this door is so huge that a hug mammoth would welcome us” as he finished his words the door opened and a mammoth in front, Peter said “George close the door “and the door was closed Peter said I think that this is a wishing door so we should wish what we need and not anything else.

                                    “Oh!” replied Peter “this was the secret of Yellow Magic thank you Roger Sam for providing me this knowledge” and then Sam said “listen Peter and anybody will not loss all Magic.” And then he disappeared.


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