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  • Published: 30 Jun 2016
  • Updated: 30 Jun 2016
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This gives all information about the prediction of magics.
i think u should read this




                                                “I am Roger; Roger Amit I am from India. I was also the same as you. I had come here for getting the secret of Red Magic. I got the secret of Red Magic from Roger Ron, he was my master. Peter began to move and Ron came out of his body. Ron told Amit “I am here; Amit I now don’t have any Magic.” Peter was shocked on seeing Ron and Amit together. Peter asked Amit to tell the secret of Red magic. Ron returned to Peter’s body and again Amit started the story, “as you know there were World War I and World War II. The place where the bomb was left. A big explosion took, do you remember and when it happened the people of other world were having watch over the planets to get information about other living things that those aliens.one of them landed on the earth and to the surprise a man was a victim of a strange Magic which was later known as ‘the Red Magic’ due to the color of rays. Then when he was dying he stored his Magic in a gem and kept it secured in that Cave. And listen Peter ‘how ever a man removes his Magical power and give it to anyone those powers will never be over in himself’ then go on your journey I did my work get to all caves and be the best Magician ever.” Peter thanked that man. And as he stepped out of that Cave a beautiful pigeon came and sat on his shoulder, he noticed that the pigeon had something tied on his leg it was a paper, when he took the paper and read he disappeared from there and went to the place where John was kept in. the doctor said “I knew that the box would be attacked by someone or other so I had kept another box in place of it and that man has taken away that box, so they all went to that doctors house and when they reached there the gems was missing from there too. George and Peter blamed that doctor. Peter told George that he had some Magic still but still George was unhappy when Peter asked him the reason, he said “it’s because now Peter also have all the Magic that we have and he can also defeat us” Peter replied “don’t be upset the ways that have went wrong will get into turn and get connected to the right way the only thing we should do is be positive bro!!” Peter asked “now can we go to Yellow Magical cave and get to the secret” George replied “now this time I will also come as I am alright come on let’s go.”


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